Art of microtherm hard trick-cycling

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Cubic nitrogen changes boron (nitrogen of cubic metre of CBN) He Jujing changes boron (PCBN) cutting tool already was used generally at horniness material turning. But still have a lot of workshops, the price because of them is too high and reject to choose. The use of a kind of new microtherm refrigeration technology, can not use the price costly cutting tool undertakes high speed good car is machined, and still prolonged cutting tool service life. System of refrigeration of the Icefly that develops by American AirProducts company low temperature, can be in good car, will - nitrogen of liquid state of 320 ° F, through a nozzle direct eject arrives on knife head. The working principle of place basis is, eject arrives the liquid state nitrogen on knife head, can drop the tall cutting temperature that cutting area produces quickly, reduce the bate effect that knife head produces because of high temperature, improve the hardness of knife head and performance of cutting tool cutting. In addition, what have the most important sense more is machine below microtherm refrigeration, can better land protects the integrality of cutting blade, avoided the loss that damaged cutting blade causes to machining a spare parts. Make machine spare parts surface to appear at the same time control stress state, the exterior quality that improves treatment spare parts and reduce exterior surface roughness. The microtherm refrigeration system of AirProducts company, can serve as an only system or be the auxiliary unit of system of machine tool refrigeration, undertake transforming to all sorts of machine tools. Like Hardinge company (city is helped in the Emma of new York city) Quest series lathe of production. In the sealed perhaps oilcan in the container that is the cylinder record that nearing memory of liquid state nitrogen the machine tool commonly. The conduit of liquid state nitrogen with the will flexible connector that has versatile contact through and lathe tool carrier join, carry liquid state nitrogen to knife head through a nozzle. In using, the work out of the program and traditional cooling system are same. According to introducing, this low temperature cooling system is used at machining the part that composite material of hard steel of temper by dipping in water, horniness and pulverous metallurgy material make, have a particularly good advantage more. After because inert liquid state nitrogen is in,be being contacted with these spare partses namely, can hair of very fast muddy, and won't resemble normally surplus leaves on the spare parts surplus other people. This is special the spare parts treatment that the pulverous metallurgy material that is beneficial to water of similar and poriferous ooze makes, saved the time that needs to sweep surplus other people seriously normally. CNC Milling