Core club and the application that are out of shape craft moves pipe bender to go up in small-sized hand beforehand

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Of pipe fitting bending is the common working procedure in the industry production such as boiler, refrigeration, and produce in things of metallic furniture, office also apply in the industry extensive. The stand or fall of bent housing quality, affecting manufacturing technology level not only, also deciding the character of the product at the same time. In disparate industry, dynamoelectric, fluid is moved even the pipe bender of CNC system, using all sorts of different bent housing technologies. When we are producing machine of file shredded paper to provide form support, production of combinative this factory is actual, the design makes small-sized hand move pipe bender, use be out of shape combinative core great technology will solve bent housing to be out of shape mediumly beforehand problem. Through our ceaseless improvement, this machine very in applying to different canal diameter, radius of bend and the pipe fitting that curve angle to curve small lot to produce. Alleged be out of shape beforehand craft, it is to show in machinery Leng Wanshi is used be out of shape beforehand pressure piece make the symmetrical face of pipe fitting flexure is out of shape beforehand, it is normal that when pipe fitting bends as it happens replies, the distortion that makes bend sectional gets ameliorative. And the fold of inside tube wall uses club of core of force plunger type to prevent. Graph 1 to use core club and be out of shape the small-sized hand of device uses pipe bender sketch map beforehand. Working process: Pipe fitting 3 put chamfer of bent housing model 1 inside, fixed position; Club of core of clip piece 2; is tightened on 7 put pipe fitting inside, fixed position; Tighten on be out of shape beforehand pressure piece 4, backing plate drives thrust augmentation piece one case 6 to circle bearing axis below the 5 action in pitching moment M 8 roll come fixed position stop, process of the bent housing that finish. Characteristic: Bent housing model dish 1 fixed, backing plate is driven be out of shape beforehand pressure piece. Core club circles bent housing model dish rotational, all components are in motherboard 9 on installation. Graph 1 small-sized hand uses pipe bender sketch map to assure beforehand of deflection appropriate, be out of shape beforehand pressure piece groovy form (if pursue 2) should press a watch 1 relation is made, and do one's best is accurate, exterior polish Ra1.

6 above. Graph 2 watches 1R1R2R3H1.

5 ~ 20.




56D02 ~ 3.




545D0 ≥ 3.




5D0 expresses 1 in: , relative to radius of bend; E, radius of bend; D0, pipe fitting external diameter; D0, pipe fitting internal diameter. Core marvellous diameter can take D=d0-(0 approximately.

12 ~ 0.

2) , and core marvellous coping is opposite at curving central line measure ahead of schedule should satisfy a watch 2, be in at the same time whole in curving a process, secure the end staff fixed position of core club to answer firm, in order to assure core club of coping measure ahead of schedule do not produce change. Express 2D02 of ρ of 2 radius of bend.


5D04D0 core club measures A0 ahead of schedule.





59d0   is placed piece, be out of shape beforehand piece, bent housing model and thrust augmentation piece the groovy channel center that wait should be on same plane. Core club and the body that are out of shape device is this machine beforehand, their production precision and installation precision can affect bent housing quality directly. In the meantime, clip piece, be out of shape speed of the size of a thrust, bent housing and tube wall ply, material is waited a moment character beforehand, also can affect the quality of bent housing. Debug through relapsing, small-sized hand moved the bent housing quality of pipe bender to achieve the requirement of the design, satisfied manufacturing need. CNC Milling