The research of processing technique application analyses 5 axes

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When using 5 axes to machine, must consider to use the shortest cutting cutting tool to complete the treatment of whole pattern as far as possible, acquire good exterior quality thereby, avoid do poorly done work over again, reduce the use amount of welding rod at the same time, shorten the handling time of EDM. Application of successful 5 axes treatment is to buy 5 axles not just software of some of machining center and some 5 axes CAM went, machining center must suit to machine a mould, similar, CAM software should have 5 axes function not only, and must have the function that suits mould treatment. Using short cutting cutting tool is the main feature that 5 axes machine. Short cutting tool can reduce cutting tool deviation apparently, acquire good exterior quality thereby, avoided do poorly done work over again, reduced the use amount of welding rod, shortened the handling time of EDM. When be machined considering 5 axes, the target that must consider to use 5 axes to machine a mould is: Complete the treatment of whole workpiece with the shortest cutting tool as far as possible, also include to reduce clip of process designing, outfit and handling time to be able to get more perfect surface quality however. 3 axes and 3+2 axis treatment want workpiece accent only is not very deep (relative to cutting tool diameter character) , method of 3 axes cutting tool (2, 3, 5) is enough. If workpiece antrum has very narrow place very greatly, using path of real 3 axes cutting tool to complete whole precision work is insufficient. Below this kind of circumstance, poor exterior quality and longer handling time subsequently and come. Here, the shortest cutting tool length must very long, with period all area that can process work in perpendicular direction. When using shorter cutting tool, main shaft should tilt, in order to make sure the special section of workpiece also can be gone to by treatment. 3+2 axis treatment is considered as to set a constant point of view to main shaft normally. Intricate work may ask to make many bend oblique drawing in order to cover whole work, but such meetings bring about jackknife of cutting tool method, increase handling time thereby. Additional, all bend oblique drawing are very difficult also accurate union, consequently the workload of manual burnish can increase, return at the same time greatly grow in quantity movement of pass in and out, often bring about exterior quality the problem moves with more cutting tool. Finally, below this kind of means process designing can generate mutual interference and very take time, the summation of all view often also cannot cover whole geometry form. But work center still has an area to fail to be enclothed, this area still needs an additional bend oblique drawing. CNC Milling