Cutting tool of high-powered aluminous high-speed steel processes medium experiment, promotion and application in turbine

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501 steel establish aluminous high-speed steel the greeting become reconciled that the application of milling cutter got operate a worker is judged, the promotion that for this we will want to increase 501 steel cutting tool on the ceaseless summary, base that improves application henceforth uses a face. 1.

Foreword is in treatment of world mechanical manufacturing industry, manufacture efficiency to rise, reduce finished cost, the research and development of cutting tool new material and choosing is a very important step. Because hard alloy cutting tool has the advantage such as tall hardness, tall wearability and high fever rigid, applied area is so larger and larger. But although have this kind of tendency, from long-term in light of, to making the high-speed steel cutting tool that is main process instrumentation before, experts think it still cannot be replaced completely consistently. Material of hard alloy cutting tool cannot replace the advantage such as the sharp sex that its reason is the high strength that has because of place of high-speed steel cutting tool, tall tenacity and edge, especially a few cutting tool that have complex figure if broach, shape the finish machining cutting tool such as milling cutter, hob and a few machine tools that do not suit to use hard alloy cutting tool, be like radial drilling machine, planer, slotting machine and the machine tool with rigid and bad, not tall precision, still need to use high-speed steel cutting tool. And use cutting tool of common high-speed steel to also existing really cutting efficiency life of low, cutting tool short, finished cost is tall, contented not the defect such as the manufacturing demand that expands increasingly. How to resolve this one contradiction, be engaged in the technical personnel of tool research and development, production branch and worker domestic and internationally, through effort of a few years and innovation, find those who resolve this one contradiction to answer measure eventually. The view with the relatively accepted people in these measure basically is following 3 respects, be developed namely and use cutting tool of high-powered high-speed steel extensively (exceed hard high-speed steel) , high-speed steel cutting tool mixes pulverous metallurgy to undertake coating and finishing to high-speed steel cutting tool. Because adopt the measure of afore-mentioned three respects, the result that in our job practice obtains already proved this be related is solid. This one measure shortened the difference with cutting tool of applied hard alloy, make everybody right the abidance henceforth develops high-speed steel cutting tool raised hope, was full of a hope. 2.

New-style high-powered high-speed steel -- the common high-speed steel that our country of aluminous high-speed steel basically uses at present has tungsten is (represent with W18Cr4V) fasten with tungsten (represent with W6Mo5Cr4V2) 2 kinds, although they have versatility the good point with big, low price, but as a whole, their treatment function cannot satisfy the production that expands increasingly to ask. And the occurrence of high-powered high-speed steel, research and development already made promotion application area successfully larger and larger now, make on cutting level a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Had developed the high-powered high-speed steel that come at present, it and common high-speed steel compare its common characteristic is hardness tall (normal temperature hardness and high temperature hardness) , hot rigid is good, and commonner also high-speed steel has wearability bigger rise. Foreign high-powered high-speed steel basically has 3 kinds, it is tall cobaltic high-speed steel, 2 it is tall vanadium high-speed steel, 3 it is tall carbon high-speed steel. In these 3 kinds of high-powered high-speed steel, tall cobaltic high-speed steel machines integral performance as a result of its good, be used extensively consequently, like turbine of alive bound each country rotor annulus chamfer is machined in, milling cutter of complete set of fir thick, finish machining, use high-speed steel of M42(tall cobalt almost) material. But price of cutting tool of tall cobaltic high-speed steel is high, the 6 ~ that are common high-speed steel commonly 8 times. And paddle his own canoe by our country development develops the high-powered aluminous high-speed steel that come out to should say is " new show " . The component of aluminous high-speed steel is commonly rose to contain carbon on foundation of high-speed steel of W6Mo5Cr4V2(M2) tungsten department quantity, added 1% right-and-left aluminium. The shop sign of aluminous high-speed steel that shows domestic production has a variety of, among them model and brand of commonly used aluminous high-speed steel are 501 steel (weigh M2Al) again. It has the following characteristic: The hardness below normal temperature hardness and high temperature condition prep above is common high-speed steel, below normal temperature, hardness is 67 ~ 69HRC commonly, highest can amount to 69.

7HRC; Its high temperature hardness when 500 ℃ is in 62HRC, still can maintain when 610 ℃ in 54 ~ 55HRC. Common high-speed steel of it and W18Cr4V and M2 is compared, normal temperature hardness is tall 3 ~ 4HRC, the hardness below high temperature wants tower above 6 ~ 7HRC, achieve contain cobalt to exceed level of hard high-speed steel. The performance that defy a turn is good. Its bending strength is 2900 ~ 3900MPa, with W18Cr4V close, taller than M42 (M42 bending strength is 2700 ~ 3800MPa) , so although hardness is tall, did not contain the brittleness with cobaltic big in that way high-speed steel however. Wear-resisting performance is good. Its wear-resisting function is close to Yu Ruidian's HSP-15, can wait for high-speed steel photograph to rival with the SKH3 of American M41 and M42, Japan. Because 501 high-speed steel contain aluminium, the absorption that can raise nitrogen ability, can raise the deepness of cyaniding layer and hardness. And the effect after passing deep cold treatment will be better. Durability is tall. Cutting tool is in when low speed cutting wearing away basically is mechanical wear, and because 501 steel have hardness to be nodded high with carbide horniness distributing even with refined advantage, mechanical wear is consequently smaller also. Cutting tool is in when high speed cutting wearing away basically is heat wears away, and because 501 steel have the advantage that fights temper sex, consequently its heat wears away small also, inside certain limits cutting speed is jumped over tall, this advantage can be reflected more come out. In addition 501 steel still have part simpler, machining function light, price compares better, proportion tall cobaltic high-speed steel is low (the 1/5 that its price is M42 material only is controlled) wait for an advantage. And the problem that it basically exists at present is: Hot in hot-working sensitivity is strong, oxidize easily, decarbonization liability is bigger. Forging performance is poor. Requirement of heat treatment craft is stricter (quench heat temperature range is narrower) . But grinding processability can be poorer. 3.

Medium experiment and applied Ink Media=screen Href="http://e-cuttech are machined in turbine.


Cutting tool of steel of Css" Type=text/css Rel=stylesheet>501, make in turbine in, my company application already had more than 10 years of histories, it is remarkable that its apply the result. We use the treatment of difficult treatment material that is pair of turbine spare partses first. Go up century 80 time evening, we are being gotten when cutting hole of tube plate of condenser of a kind of turbine (the Bfe30-1-1 that be by treatment material, main component is copper and nickel, and the content of nickel is as high as 29 ~ 32%) , discovery uses twist drill of common high-speed steel to cannot undertake normal cutting, get when cutting not only cutting efficiency is extremely low, and cutting tool life is very brief also, get the companion when cutting to have harsh scream. We undertook to twist drill exterior coating is handled later, but treatment effect still not beautiful (there is thousands of opening on tube plate, machine × of a Ø15 the aperture of 60 needs close 15min) , machine difficult problem to solve this, we used data of 2 kinds of new cutting tool early or late again, one kind is steel cement alloy, another kind is 501 steel, the experiment applies material of these two kinds of cutting tool to be opposite after recognizance compose does the knife to be improved appropriately, difficult problem is able to solve basically, cutting efficiency and cutting tool life raised 5 ~ respectively 8 times, satisfied manufacturing requirement basically. Cutting tool structure. From effective treatment the circumstance looks, its effect excels the twist drill that use steel writtens guarantee alloy is made slightly 501 high-speed steel, but cold hot work is very difficult when writtening guarantee as a result of steel alloy twist drill is made, the factory cannot undertake batch is produced, so we still used the twist drill that 501 steeliness make to solve this one difficult problem finally. The high temperature alloy that the cutting tool that we used 501 steeliness to build in succession again after machines hard to turbine spare parts, stainless steel and material of high strenth alloy steel undertook experiment and be popularizinged applied. The turntable screw treatment of material of alloy of GH4169 high temperature is very difficult, its norms is M5, the tenacity as a result of material, agglutinant big, treatment is cold make sclerotic appearance serious, plus screw diameter small, tap intensity is poor, because this adds man-hour broach, tap to often break off, make treatment was immersed in predicament. Our experiment applied the bit that 501 steeliness make and helix chamfer tap later, written guarantee to machining craft, cutting tool compose and refrigeration lubricate undertake a few improve, the phenomenon that Yi She of short, tap breaks life of low, cutting tool gained the cutting efficiency that appears when treatment basically improvement and solve. The 501 steel cutting tool that shows us to already machined M5 screw brings into craft formally. Turbine rotor material is the high strenth alloy steel such as 30Cr1Mo1V, 34Cr2Ni4MoV, to rotor fir model annulus milling treatment of groove is current we choose high-speed steel of M42 tall cobalt commonly, but of material price costly also force us to discuss, search whether the cutting tool stuff that has low price can be replaced. For this, the fir that we and works of Guizhou southwest tool undertake 501 steeliness build joint development annulus groovy milling cutter, pass both sides one year to fumble and be improved between a long time, 501 steel fir annulus the application that thick milling cutter of groovy helix blade succeeds eventually is in the thick mill treatment of rotor annulus chamfer. Its use circumstance is, be in and the cutting dosage with identical milling cutter of M42 annulus chamfer the cutting below the condition is smooth, normal, and cutting tool life is close to basically or achieved domestic congener M42 annulus the level of groovy milling cutter. But as a result of before paragraph of works of tool of time Guizhou southwest change make and the condition such as the equipment of milling cutter of fir of production of this factory batch half essence, essence, craft is immature, so we did not continue to order goods to southwest tool works again now. But round of groove thick milling cutter that from us 501 steel make successful try out is medium also found the new way that develops 501 steel cutting tool. Current, my factory applies to the batch of 501 steel milling cutter basically is to be used at turbine the blade treatment of material of of all kinds stainless steel, the wave blade that applied breed is all sorts of norms mostly establish milling cutter, cutting tool year applied quantity is many 6000 about, works of Guizhou southwest tool uses real case according to my factory (especially the function characteristic according to material of martensite stainless steel) undertook improvement on angle of cutting tool geometry and structure, its type construction. Blade of 501 steel wave stand milling cutter and establish milling cutter to machine stainless steel photograph to compare with common high-speed steel formerly, the cutting dosage that place of its model cutting tool uses and cutting tool efficiency, life raises a circumstance to issue a list it is thus clear that. Express 1 treatment lamina to carry 1Cr12MoØ32 of material of lamina of arc test data on the back to grow F(mm/min) of feed of N(r/min) of milling cutter rotate speed to process an amount () milling cutter of common high-speed steel 230224020501 after wave blade milling cutter 224038430 watches milling cutter of 0Cr17Ni4Cu4NbØ40 of material of lamina of data of test of stage of protruding of lacing wire of 2 treatment lamina.

5 ~ 3.

0 times, life can rise 0.

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0 times the left and right sides, the application that 501 steel establish milling cutter got the greeting become reconciled of jockey person is judged, the promotion that for this we will want to increase 501 steel cutting tool on the ceaseless summary, base that improves application henceforth uses a face. 4.

Although the application that the cutting tool that 501 steeliness create a few problems that remain to be discussed further is in my factory obtained bigger effect, and stand firm calcaneal, but there still are many jobs to need to be perfected further in application. Have basically following the job of a few respects. The cutting tool that uses 501 steeliness to build is right all sorts of material (especially difficult treatment material) treatment had be notted find out reasonable with first-rate cutting dosage. The grinding of 501 steel (long grind) at present relatively M42 steel is difficult, because this should be searched, the abrasive that the experiment applies to 501 steel cutting tool. Because requirement of craft of 501 steel heat treatment is strict, this steel that like us factory proper motion develops is planted cutting tool often the standard that works of tool of short of major makes and effect, because this still needs the help of professional tool works and proper motion exploration. The cutting tool that strengthens 501 steeliness to build is in course of study of professional tool works, person of the same trade or the experience communication of use unit use a face with enlarging promotion. CNC Milling