Numerical control grinder processes different work, the dominant position is very large

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Numerical control grinder is a famous grinder product, the basic line of the products that its include is numerous, can mix the numerical control skill of oneself the grinder function photograph of other is united in wedlock, make give a muti_function grinder to handle equipment, the product that improved an user machines efficiency. We can be used grind provide pair of workpiece surfaces to undertake grinding is machined, improve the exterior quality of the product. Most grinder is to use the emery wheel that high speed rotates to undertake grinding is machined, and the child that numerical control machine tool is IT and union of photograph of mechanical production technology, use most the treatment that technology of ingoing numerical control has a product. This equipment used number and information control technology to improve the precision of treatment and efficiency when machining equipment. This equipment represented the technical level of contemporary base machine and development trend, it is the product of a kind of grinder that provides development potential most. Numerical control grinder can process the data with taller hardness, if the; such as hard steel of temper by dipping in water, hard alloy also can process brittleness data, be like glass, granite. The processing capacity that uses high accuracy improves the processing efficiency of the product, make a delicate industrial product. Grinder can undertake the grinding with precision and exterior very small surface roughness, also can undertake efficient grinding, the treatment precision of grinder of very much numerical control mixes use dominant position and function treatment efficiency is all grind in wearing device highest, agree with the treatment of complex abnormity spare parts. This equipment can realize computer control, eliminate factitious error, raise the precision that equipment machines. The compensation that operation personnel still can pass computer software to realize pair of equipment precision and optimize control, the better production that controls device. Operation personnel can undertake changing the changeover of knife function according to his judgement, reduce the number that hold clip, raise treatment precision. The sort of numerical control grinder basically can be divided for high-grade model, gain ground model with economy model. High-grade model numerical control machine tool is to show treatment is complex form, OK the numerical control equipment with high rate of concentration of implementation working procedure, automation. Gain ground model the function that numerical control machine tool has man-machine interaction, it is a kind of grinder with modern society wider application. The structure of machine tool of economy numerical control is very simple, precision is medium, low-cost, suit a few small-sized manufacturer use. Although this product can satisfy the treatment that general precision asks only, but the user that has a batch of small-sized manufacturer however. CNC Milling