The classification of compressor

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The 1 of classified     of compressor, by compress airy means to differ, can divide it is two kinds big: The first, dynamical formula: Fully dry type is centrifugal 2 type, cubage type: The     2 such as type of blade of piston screw type, final exhaust that presses compressor controls force, capacity, power, can divide for: Capacity of serial number category (M 3) power (KW) above of 1 large 50~100m 3 300Kw 2 medium-sized 20~50 (do not contain) 110~260 3 small-sized 1~20 (do not contain) 75~90 4 miniature 1 the following (do not contain) 3 of   of 55 the following   , shrink by air cylinder internal pressure room whether to give oil, can divide to have oil-lubricated breathe out the compressor that do not have oil. 4, differ by cooling means, can divide for: Cold < of water-cooling, wind CNC Milling