Heavy truck spare parts makes: Outstanding character, the flexibility of acme

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Inside global market limits, the demand of heavy truck is in in the near future the lieutenant general increases greatly. According to running advisory company Mai Ken stannum is forecasted, the market of heavy truck clinchs a deal the 190 billion euro that the volume will rise to 2020 from present 125 billion euro. Especially the burgeoning economy system of such as China and India, they need more heavy truck to be used at infrastructure development. The trend of this kind of globalization also brings opportunity for small business, LASO is an example. LASO company is located in German Ao Erpo, its professional is having 40 old heavy truck and experience of production of bus spare parts, business emphasis is the dynamoelectric assembly that produces high quality, be like oil pump, water pump and turn to a component to wait. On the goods shelves of the company filled up with about 5, 000 kinds of different products. To produce so many different part can efficiently, they trust automation to machine a concept very much. For example, be in cast-iron in treatment, they are used dust the lathe of 3 kinds of vertical that mark company produces -- these turning centers can be machined with top quality most the product of small lot. Save dimensional facility truly: LASO is in cover an area of use inside the area of 20m² only dust center of automatic turning of mark VL 7 machines spare parts of large heavy truck. "Flexibility " it is a vocabulary with the most commonly used auto industry. Same, in LASO, this vocabulary also is attached most importance to especially should, make because of what be heavy truck spare parts to a small and medium sized business that restrains 70 employee only, it is one involves too extensive field. But, these professional can produce an all sorts of engine spare partses not only (wait for) like spare parts of system of oil pump, valve base, spray and water pump, they still can produce the part that gives brand of all and famous heavy truck. Can say, the product line of LASO is all-embracing, involve an area very wide. Additional, the company still is paid attention to particularly related to spare parts quality " spare parts " character. Place of Werner Steuber of director of operation of company of no less than emphasizes: "The client that we want to let us believes, the spare parts of each heavy truck that we produce is had with the identical efficiency before holding a damage formerly and stability. Since we made such assurance to the spare parts of major sort, so we not allow to make the case that err or produces an accuracy to owe beautiful in spare parts production. " dust mark lathe can be used at machining a variety of spare partses, the water pump housing with numerous for instance applicable brand and impeller. The lot that a variety of spare partses can have all sorts of measure produces these demand to be able to be passed custom-built change producer proposal to satisfy, this can be passed complex and cast-iron the aftertreatment gets confirm. For example, the company uses center of VL 5 of two stage dust mark turning -- be transmitted with a spare parts and steering gear join rises -- will machine the least vane wheel or water pump. Rely on simple manufacturing data to be able to reflect the high level quality of these machines only: Can produce about 25 kinds of different parts, can undertake the 200 batch that differ to 3000 amounts are produced. These two machines introduced a model dust mark design, undertake for LASO extremely fast online production laid a foundation. Stage of these two VL 5 machine has axis of a collect, center of the first turning from workpiece of the collect on recycle conveyer belt, transmit its into treatment area, turning undertakes to a side of workpiece in treatment area, again its replace conveyer belt. Later, the spare parts can be conveyed to be transmitted to the spare parts undertake retroflexioning with steering gear, transmit next to center of a turning. Be in again stage of machine of the 2nd VL 5 puts the part to workbench by collect axis, other to its one side undertakes machining. Additional, these two VL 5 still can undertake to the spare parts bore and other treatment are operated. The person that use is right dust the efficiency of the automation production plan of mark is very satisfactory: Werner Steuber(of LASO operation director is right) and dust mark area sale is in charge of Axel Fiedler high. Nextpage for years -- stable technological process " whole technological process is very efficient. " dust mark area sale is in charge of Axel Fiedler explanation high to say, "For instance, the complete treatment cycle time of an impeller is 48 seconds only. And use vertical treatment, more ensured the integrality of the process, because smooth scrap sheds the situation that prevented scrap accumulation, appear when having automation production and less artificial operation especially important. " the affirmation that this one judgement also got Steuber of LASO operation director: "Two when this machine runs by a definite date 80 hours every week restrict a circulation, had used about 5 years up to now. During this, we had not encountered the problem related to function and spare parts quality. Whole technological process is very stable. " online VL 5 of two stage dust mark pour vertical lathe, this kind of configuration can realize the complete treatment of a variety of spare partses. Introduce according to Mr Steuber, for the professional that spares parts to production, it is very important to still have a bit, the setting operation that is this machine then is very simple. VL series machine tool undertakes the treatment setting of new part spends time scarcely, this makes a lot of dust the effect with mark technology characteristic design becomes more evident. For example, the VL 5 machine tool that LASO uses has tower of a knife, this knife tower can be deployed most 10 kinds of different cutting tool, this made sure it can be assembled with the means of optimization, can carry out complex treatment metre thereby. This kind with the machine tool with journey celebrated weak point very easy begin, quick and it is easy that its cutting tool changes. Mr Steuber says: "To us, another very main factor is, operation novice needs only very short adjust period, with respect to system of very can quick familiar control. For the economic benefits of the machine that sets often to those need again, this have conclusive sense. " the manufacturing situation that we can go through LASO is comparative, will reflect those who choose EMAG plan is efficient. Before choosing VL 5 double machine to deploy program, LASO is to pass 3 machines to undertake machining production, among them every machine can carry out one part operation only, and must the hand is moved on makings, from the point of whole, this is a kind of efficiency slow, security is low (but it is important least of all to be not finally) and more costly technological process. A spare parts is transmitted and steering gear joins machine tools of two stage dust mark together. It has work retroflexioning, prepare to be machined next. The VL 7 that is used at larger part production lathe is large to body of large pump case and other cast-iron production, what Ao Erpo's professional uses is the model that Aimakedi offers, center of VL 7 turning, type of an independent form. This type deploys a bigger workpiece chuck (the biggest diameter 400 millimeter) , have taller the biggest stroke. "The advantage that the collect principle place that we do not hope wasteful vertical treatment and large part are machined brings " , mr Steuber affirms say. And dust mark machine tool covers an area of an area very small, this investment in LASO is decision-making in also had main effect. Use dust mark machine tool, the staff member of heavy truck spare parts can be in cover an area of only the area of 20 M² (this still includes automation facility) inside machine large quantities of complex parts. "This also is dust a bit what mark lathe attracts us, because we do not hope to be forced to enlarge manufacturing area, will provide extra space for new machine. " to LASO, simple and easy control and operation are very main factor. "Operation novice needs only very short adjust period can be familiar with these machines. " explanation of operation director Steuber says. Had these to machine a solution, professional of heavy truck spare parts people the challenge that can answer future completely. "Market of heavy truck spare parts is growing in. And in the market in rapid growth, new competitor especially conspicuous. We through offerring prep above the high quality product of standard of general spare parts comes defend our market position, say so, dust the manufacturing solution of mark acted very important role in our development process. " Mr Steuber is summed up. This machine tool can handle all sorts of batch parts -- differ to 3000 spare partses from 200 -- have extremely tall flexibility. CNC Milling