Billow machining center of vertical of DZ12K S/W of limited company of Beijing of commerce of triumphant dragon machine tool

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DZ12K S/W agrees with batch is efficient treatment, not just because its are dynamic performance is high, still depend on this machine tool configured double main shaft and double pallet changer (W) . The use of double main shaft can make efficiency raises one times. Workbench exchanges the 2s when be being used only, the time that change a knife is only 2.

4s, can fall the blame cutting time of the machine tool to lowest. In the meantime, this machine tool can configure four-axle revolving stage, hold clip in order to implement a part, much face is machined, foreword of brief chemical industry, improve precision and efficiency. In the industrial development process henceforth, more and more enterprises are met try every means improves manufacturing efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost, compete in order to answer to intense with each passing day market, the above function of DZ12K S/W will get more and more attention undoubtedly. CNC Milling