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A kind of new-style mark can prevent a product forge, realize extreme miniaturization, in addition it is had better prevent attaint feature. Planar of one peace keeping form code is current already was labelled by the information of the extensive sundry product that is used at making a person dazzling. These mark can be printed to be on label, also can use print or laser hits mark technology to be hit on the product directly. However, a traditional form code be restricted in the effectiveness of a few specific domains, be in for instance prevent a product sham, prevent to be read illegally take, the miniaturization of code, and of information content save effectively (when although get in mark,physics wears away, also can keep changeless) wait a respect a moment. Graph 1: 2DMI piles up sample, they gave out the position of line segment, angle and ply are how to be combined, thereby to load encode information is in traditional linear in form code, information is to use different width and removed dark look and bright line to appear alternately will code. 2 dimension in form code, the array that information is the quadrate composition elephantine element that uses dark look and bright color will code. New 2 dimension identification code (2DMI) it is completely different, it uses computer algorithm the binary system or the information of alphabetical number is changed into the rectangle that has alternate line (or square) design (if pursue 1) . The position of the line, angle, decided the information content of encode jointly with ply. Differ according to line segment numerary, a few kinds of social estate that had developed to code complex degree differs, can support imformation encoding to be as high as 15. One of advantages of this kind of method are it the information that because damage,can avoid on certain level and causes is missing. If the one part of a traditional form code identifies hard, so information of that paragraph of encode was lost forever. But, used 2DMI code, it is OK to want reader only become to the some part of every line picture, so systematic software reframes with respect to what can go to the lavatory whole picture, thereby will all original message interpret goes out. In fact, the one horn that 2DMI piles up, or the much on an edge cannot identify any losses that also won't cause information (if pursue 2) . This closes to a few much use / or for tall tatty product especially useful. Graph 2: Although damage badly,label, still also can reading another advantage that takes 2DMI yard is encode only sexual. The encode of a traditional form code is standardization, anybody can be read take and duplicate they, make number on bogus commodity thereby. Use 2DMI is not such. It was used complex and proprietary adds close algorithm to produce mark to reconcile interpret mark. In addition, the encode combination that these algorithm can support is boundless almost. Every lawful user that 2DMI codes gets proprietary and it is exclusive add close algorithm, created a safe sealed system for them. The person that does not have this user algorithm cannot be read already take also cannot duplicate these encode - the 2DMI system that although themselves also has,provides by Orbid company. This makes an user OK prevent a product sham, the have a change of luck in can preventing immoral agency to undertake illegal convert into money is mixed again is defeated wait for an activity. Finally, the code can make a traditional body and read extraction encode to size is restricted - the distance is very close between elephantine element and line segment, need limits the least value of the distance. Compare with this photograph, 2DMI piles up the mark that is relatively open mode, the space is larger between line and line, do not ask to have the resolution that is similar to traditional symbol so or contrast. This character makes 2DMI code OK in the Yu Xiaode that be used's much norms. In a few dimension in the article with small, high price, if watch, gem is lapidary perhaps, mark can use air Q is ultraviolet laser will arise, in order to realize the maximum of dimensional resolution. The size of mark can be a few millimeter, because this a bit does not affect the exterior. How be to realize what 2DMI labels in the operation? Below certain state, client and Orbid company sign applied technology agreement, this agreement was summarized this technology is approbated in the client previously, orbid company needs the strict payment of implementation. The component in the agreement can include consign product sample and the technology that use a design to explain. In a few prevent sham very fundamental situation, need gives out a series of mark of true and false, distinguish apparently in order to prove Orbid system is OK both. Buy this system to need to pay attestation charge and be based on already labelled product numerary uses fee beforehand. The client that small lot produces uses the laser system that is given them by the bag outside terminal client to undertake making bid commonly, what large quantities of quantities produce is to buy the laser of as close as Orbid cooperation to make mark workstation normally. Of mark read the hand-held that taking is use tradition to become like scanner, the solution interpret of information is to use the interconnected system of computer science department of appropriate algorithm. The branch of the company of Stryker of medical and embedded parts of an apparatus of titanium metal, stryker Leibinger Inc. (German Freiburg) had used 2DMI mark to prevent its product to be counterfeited. The miniature of Stryker Leibinger company is embedded parts of an apparatus is a metal the top-ranking product of domain of medical and embedded parts of an apparatus, especially small bolt and board account other people, they are used at the center of repair face ministry, jawbone, with the fracture of the hand, also be used at neurology domain to mix reframe purpose. Explanation of Andreas Ippisch of engineer of project research and development says, "Our product is used at traumatic hind the skeleton with little repair, also use at a few small elaborate operations. In fact, the bolt that we produce is the biggest also have 3 only.

2 Mm X 42 Mm. Diameter of our a few bolt has 1 Mm only, screw head diameter 1.

8 Mm, bolt grows 2 Mm. Our product is You Chuntai or titanium alloy is made. " graph 3: Ultraviolet laser sign system can produce diminutive 2DMI to label, urge the symbol on the head like the spiral shell that here manufactures in titanium metal. At first sight, this seems to be counterfeited unlikely. However, these product prices are high, the copy that at present the company already discovered to existing to be made with inferior material on the market is risked article. Apparent, these not no matter the mimic of calibration is right still to the patient for Stryker, it is adverse. In addition, american food and medicaments management board (FDA) requirement, below the circumstance with this feasible technology, embedded the supplier should build a product to track a system, make a patient to what begin use undertake whole journey dogs. Still a problem is in namely when goods change trains, agency may be illegal will should carry the product toward some country changes another state, perhaps reduce import tariff and other cost in order to avoid. Stryker company was used be based on complete solidify ultraviolet laser (series of Coherent company Avia) 2DMI sign system. This illuminant provides requires dimensional resolution and power, use make small number. Their use Image Team 4600 PDF is portable reader will read take number. This company plans to use 2DMI to label every component, information content is as high as 12. 2DMI labels the system satisfied the objective of Stryker company, even if the smallest bolt also can make patent system number, this mark has the personnel of Stryker company only, accredit orgnaization, read with client ability take. Ippisch explanation says, "Of mark the smallest changing is the key in our application. Head diameter is nailed in snail only 1.

Below the circumstance of 8 Mm, mix considering slit turn groove, the place that remnant comes down to be able to make number is very few. Used however 2DMI and ultraviolet after laser, we can grow in the edge for the 250 quadrate area to 350 micron (if pursue 3) inside produce the information that contains 15 digit word. As a result of us hold offers by Orbid alone the encode of one is algorithmic, accordingly, besides Stryker company and our copartner, can read without the person take this code to perhaps make sham product, although these products had looked from the exterior,the elephant is our company production. " graph 4: 2DMI can endure the surface to injure and won't lose information, this chief to term of service product (the bucket of stainless steel beer that is like here) very advantageous. The mark process Trumer Pils of bucket of stainless steel beer (come from Austria one kind, the beer of sterling Europe Pearson that overcomes benefit brew in California uncle) factory of maker Trumer Brauerei, used 2DMI to pile up recently, the draft beer bucket that is stainless steel makes number, because this kind of mark is lasting, and fight attaint. Explanation of miller Brewer Lars Larson says, "Typical unripe Pi bucket, its term of service is 20 to 30 years. According to the requirement of the market, it is annual and OK by fill full 2 arrive 10 times, many nick and turn were accumulated to fold in whole use process. We hope 2DMI system is OK withstand such injury, make us OK thereby dog and record us every beer bucket. At present all tests show this method is successful. At present the biggest challenge depends on optimizing scanning process. If this technology is in our beer works to prove to be able to be used, so mean the other beer works inside our guild to be able to use this technology, what the beer bucket inside whole guild can compare Trumer factory is much much. " Trumer factory is already at present right close half the number made number in bucket of thousands of their beer (if pursue 4) . Mark is made in fluctuation surface. They checked the readability of the number with different measurement, chose dimension to be less than the mark of 19 Mm finally. Fluctuation surface must have number, be cleaned because of beer bucket and replete when should come over. There is mark to make Trumer factory OK in next surfaces build automation to register a system, from the station that add alcoholic drink sends beer barrel, this system can have a record to beer bucket. After that, beer bucket piles up go up in flat wearing. When carry, people is used portable scanner is in on exterior scanning. Finally, be in any cleaning the job begins previously, the beer bucket of winery be remandinged needs to be scanned artificially. Anyhow, stimulate the development with the ceaseless application of optical mark, and with each passing day diversification. A form code with the tradition and photograph of mark of alphabetical number type are compared, new-style the development that 2 dimension label has more fundamental value and integrality. In the meantime, the further progress of solid state laser, especially ultraviolet the output of wave band, extra expenditure does not need to be able to achieve afore-mentioned advantage when meaning a product to label. David Clark (david.


Com) serves at Coherent company; Kevin Simmons (ksimmons@orbidcorp.

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