Punching machine mould installs measure

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: The use of punching machine mould is very important, if install unreasonable word, the use of can direct sale to punching machine mould, cause the damage of the mould even, when accordingly we install punching machine mould, certain basis stipulates measure undertakes installing, move of installation of punching machine mould is as follows related its: 1, should affirm mould point is sharp above all before installation, the mouth did not die on sunken model point, punch does not have vertex damage. If have collapse mouth or vertex damage, please above all blade grinds blade. 2, before combining a model, should going up, a piece of silicon steel is filled up between lower mould piece, because carry a process to touch the crucial point,prevent. 3, before mould mount punching machine, want to use oilstone to grind underside and the burr above, clear rubbish clean with list. If thorn of the hairiness on plane or rubbish fall on the mould, will cause develop a burr out of tolerance. 4, adjust slide block journey to come upper mould of proper place impaction, must assure the plane on modular handle or mould bases the underside at slide block is close together joint, bolt of lower mould pressing plate gently impaction. Next, upward adjustment slide block, take out the silicon steel among piece. Bolt of pressing plate of loose lower mould, adjust slide block downward, till punch enters sunken model 3~4mm, impaction issues bolt of modular pressing plate. New pattern must enter sunken model 3~4mm to punch of a short while, otherwise, want mouth of occurrence punch collapse or sunken model to go up crack. 5, rise a slide block position of consummate dead center, adjust punching machine to hit lever to stop retreat bolt, to degree of tightness appropriate, next idling a few, observation mould and punching machine each orgnaization job is regular. If do not have unusual situation, can begin production. CNC Milling