The production technology of miniature spare parts

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As a result of all sorts of miniature, the demand of tall accurate instrument, miniature mould got in time developing. The article introduced the applied example of miniature spare parts to reach its to produce a method. Micro Molds Have Been Timely Developed To Fulfill The Requirements Cast By Tiny-sized, high Precision Apparatuses.

This Article Gives Examples Of Wher Micro Parts Are Used And How They Are Manufactured.

In product combination, the spare parts can is by dimension size cent miniature, small-sized, medium-sized, large reach super- large 5 kinds. Current, intermediate dimension part, namely small-sized, medium-sized with large part, through all sorts of treatment the method basically can be finished, as to other the dimension part of two extremes, namely miniature and exceed large part, machining figuration, examine dimension is existing with deferent carriage respect various problems. More and more accurate the field tide that turn, put forward higher technology to ask further to producing a business. Comprehensive domestic and international data reports the applied example of miniature component, already reached the domain such as device, space navigation and war industry in instrument of personal computer report, communication, electron, camera, medical treatment in, ceaselessly from design, trial-produce, till the product that finish. The applied introduction of miniature component is as follows: Miniature gear pursues dimension of 1 columnar gear ages columnar gear dimension is continuously: Modulus: M = 0.

2 tine count: Diameter of reference circle of Z = 6: Z = 0 of × of D = M.

2 × 6 = 1.

2mm height of teeth top: Ha = M = 0.

2mm height of teeth root: Hf = 1.

25 M = 1.

25 × 0.

2 = 0.

25mm tooth depth: H = 2.

25 M = 2.

25 × 0.

2 = 0.

45mm tine carries round diameter on the head: Da = M (Z +2) =0.

2 (6+2) =1.

Round diameter of 6mm tine root: Df = M (Z-2.

5) = 0.

2 (6-2.

5) = 0.

Graph of small motor of 7mm diameter 1mm shows the picture that is 1mm small motor 2 times, right is a sesame seed comes size is compared, when rotating, the biggest rotate speed is 18, 000 Rpm, it is only 12.

5 Mg. The graph shows diametical 2mm small reducer 3 times the photograph that is 2mm small reducer, gear modulus is 0.

03, decelerate comparing is 4.

42. This reducer is the planetary gear reducer with the at present smallest modulus on international. The miniature computer that development of laboratory of some state of United States of lock of code of Nextpage miniature computer goes to be comprised by gear of 6 imperceptible passwords is put-up lock, gear diameter is 300 μ M only, gear is by electromagnetism motivation is driven, over all dimension (long, wide) for 9mm × 4mm, it is the lock of the the smallest, firmest miniature computer code on the world at present. Miniature car graph is shown 4 times for 3mm of × of 2 Mm of × of 2 Mm of over all dimension (tall, wide, long) miniature car photograph, with 2 diameters 2mm small motor serves as driver, can load 170 Mg travel. Miniature pump graph is shown 5 times for miniature pump photograph, with diametical 2mm small motor regards drive as the source, the largest flow is amounted to 12.

6 Ml/min, pump housing diameter is 4 Mm. Newest development goes Holand of miniature photography plane the smallest miniature photography plane on the world, the ala is exhibited 4 inches long (10cm) , weight only 3 G, it looks more resembling is a dragonfly, the appearance when flapping wing flies especially. It can carry miniature photography instrument, transmit real time observation ground contact station to video picture. Miniature helicopter graph shows the picture of miniature helicopter appearance with the lightest weight on bound of the preexistence that it is eye 6 times, top right corner comes with a peanut size is compared, pilot 18mm, high 5mm, weight 100mg, as 2mm with 2 diameters small motor serves as driver, can leave the ground perpendicular to fly. The active composite material that it becomes by Na Mijing system makes eyeball of Nextpage accept rice, can set miniature camera, compositive computer chip, install in upside of human body brains, through this two components will photograph the Zhen Xie nerve that is changed into electric pulse to stimulate cerebrum like signal, the implementation that finish can look a function. Current, because of sheet made cost is high, if pass a mould to have production, its finished cost drops apparently. The production method of miniature spare parts is well-known, we are in nicety, complex, combination, muti_function compound model and high speed multitask class receives a standard, die of successive and compound essence, high strenth is thick board essence die, the respect such as mould of meridian tire loose already had very great progress and success; Mix to aerospace, high speed railroad, electron the new figuration technology of material of the high temperature that the domain such as traffic of orbit of of communication, city, shipping, missile and rocket asks, high speed, high pressure, high strenth, tall toughness, tall wearability and mould are made already also had great. Occupy domestic and international data to report, the production method of miniature spare parts basically has: Small extrusion law 20 centuries the technology of small plasticity figuration that 90 time appeared to apply traditional plasticity to machine spare parts of craft preparation miniature, can use at production to be in the spare parts under 1mm in the dimension on two dimension direction at least, the miniature part that uses preparation of this one technology has high accuracy, Gao Sheng to produce the advantage such as efficiency, low cost, clean figuration, among the industry such as electron of Yu Wei of many already application, small machine. Accordingly, small plasticity figuration already became small parts of an apparatus to make the crucial technology of the domain. Small figuration mould (see a picture 7) basically comprise by punch and sunken model. The design method of traditional pattern was drawn lessons from when the design, combine the dimension of small figuration device and structural characteristic, below the premise that makes sure small figuration mould has enough strength, the choice suits the mould dimension of device. Sunken model and device noumenon use 6 horn bolt to secure, squeeze to facilitate piece exit, sunken model is used transverse break up type, be about to sunken model cent is on half sunken model and below half sunken model, cooperate exterior clearance to avoid to squeeze the material when going out to flow into two half sunken model, answer to cooperate the surface to undertake burnishing handling to two. Through changing the form of punch and sunken model antrum, dimension reachs a structure, OK still figuration is other and different the miniature spare parts of three-dimensional structure, enlarge the applied limits of figuration system thereby. Small extrusion regards a kind of close clean figuration as the technology, clear advantage is had in the treatment of difficult treatment material and complex component part. Current, abroad considered to already obtained revolutionary positive result to the figuration device of this technology. Take a picture because of,corrode a law the spare parts dimension between micron and accept rice, using groovy machining method cannot be achieved, need so use take a picture make board the technology that corrodes photograph union with chemistry. Go up in the equably spray on mould antrum namely film of a sensitive glue, glue film changes via chemistry happening after exposure, the glue film after sensitization not only not dissolve at water, and still increased to be able to bear or endure corrode sex, and not sensitive glue film can dissolve at water, pass water clean this part metal bare and without protection, erode in what corrode fluid below, obtained place to engrave corrode model antrum. CNC Milling