Milling cutter of Minimaster Plus little tyrant

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Scania checks at undertaking to engine of 16 litres of V8 in January 2011, the life of product of the generation before milling cutter of Minimaster Plus little tyrant is compared has rise significantly. "We changed everyday in the past cutting tool. In the test of little to MinimasterPlus tyrant, we change 3 days every cutting tool. " Henrik Svensson of division of Scania technology program says. "To us character, cutting tool life is crucial. " the engine that Scania makes 5 kinds differ or engine cylinder body, what its material majority comes from Germany is cast-iron. These cylinder body (make an appointment with 450 Kg) every to construct for type of an organic whole again, it is all engine accessory (like carburettor, fan, air cylinder and axis) stay have beforehand casting aperture. Because foundry technology cannot make cast-iron the noncombatant duty that wins place to need and surface roughness, accordingly every engine cylinder body needs to be machined additionally. Scania uses Scania of manufacturer of truck of Ller Hille CNC of ü of a Thyssen H in the machine of Swedish Södertälje job shops uses milling cutter of Minimaster little tyrant. They went up to have a test to cutting tool of Minimaster Plus little tyrant in its engine cylinder body, the life that proves this kind of new cutting tool as a result rises significantly. Machine tool, its dimension is made an appointment with as about the same as lorry of a Scania. Every Kong Dou of engine cylinder body asks to use different cutting tool, specific depend on needs treatment technology, like grinding, finish machining, cut groove or form cutting to wait. Every CNC machine is used amount to 14 kinds of cutting tool, minimaster Plus little tyrant is only among them a kind, on engine cylinder body the alveolus of adversary palm size undertakes distensible, figuration and finish machining. Every engine cylinder body has such 8 opening. "Since had Minimaster little tyrant, we every machine 30 crocks types or forms of literature to need to change cutting tool. " say of manufacturing engineer Anton Nilsson. "When checking Minimaster Plus little tyrant, before changing a knife we can machine 90 engine cylinder body. Because Scania has keep in mind at raising lorry yield, because this improves productivity,reach precision crucial. The fewer frequency that change a knife, mean us to be able to center energy to produce more engine cylinder body. " additional, engine of one part Scania will use a kind to exceed hard data henceforth - squirm Chinese ink is cast-iron (the cast of CGI) . "But iron of Mo Zhu of squirm of treatment of Minimaster Plus little tyrant resembles cutting butter. " Nilsson says. "The generation before the noise that place of Minimaster Plus little tyrant produces also is compared is lower, because Scania height takes healthy, safety and environmental protection seriously, this are very accordingly important. " the test that regards new-style Minimaster Plus as little tyrant milling cutter and executive controller, henrik Svensson of 32 years old and Anton Nilsson of 22 years old are very young. "This cutting tool really extraordinary. " they say. Minimaster Plus little tyrant had machined 90 engine cylinder body before changing a knife. CNC Milling