Shallow the maintenance that narrates system of numerical control of numerical control machine tool

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1) abide by strictly operating rules and maintain a system daily 2) the door that should open numerical control ark and strong report ark less as far as possible is in machine general metropolis has oily mist, dirt in the air of job shops even the metal is pulverous, once they fall inside numerical control system on circuit board or electronic parts, cause yuan of insulation resistance between parts of an apparatus easily to drop, bring about yuan of parts of an apparatus to reach circuit board attaint even. Some users are in summer to make numerical control system can excess load works for a long time, adopt the door that opens numerical control ark to come loose hot, this is a kind of method that cannot take extremely, its quicken those who cause numerical control system finally attaint. 3) time those who sweep numerical control ark medicinal powder each cooling fan jobs that heat up ventilated system to should check numerical control ark to go up are regular. Every half an year or every quarter check air channel filter to whether have jam phenomenon, if the dirt on screen pack is accumulative too much, clear not in time, can cause the temperature inside numerical control ark exorbitant. 4) the input of numerical control system / the numerical control machine tool that safeguards 80 time of take-off to be produced before regularly, contain reader of photoelectricity type punched tape mostly, if read,take a part to be polluted, will bring about read in information to make mistake. For this, must undertake maintenance to photoelectricity reader by the regulation. 5) the regular examination of dc motive brush and change dc moves what Electromechanical brushs to transfer wear away, can affect the performance of electromotor, cause electromotor damage even. For this, answer electromotor brush to undertake be checked regularly and changing. Numerical control lathe, CNC Milling, machining center, answer to be checked every year. 6) change regularly memory uses cell to CMOSRAM memory parts of an apparatus is set inside system of ordinary numerical control can charge batteries maintains circuit, in order to make sure the system can not maintain the content of its memory during electrify. Be in usually, although have not invalidation, also answer to change every year, in order to ensure the system works normally. Of batteries change should undertake below condition of power supply of numerical control system, the information inside the RAM when changing in case is missing. 7) reserve the maintenance of circuit board is spare printed circuit board long-term need not when, the electrify in answering to install numerical control system regularly runs period of time, damage in case. CNC Milling