Can reduce the bolt that produces cost

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Be in plastic in join, besides use convenient beyond, in production cost optimizes a respect, remform bolt also can provide huge support for the user. Plastic plasticity, weight is light and but abide changes the advantage that exploit to make plastic developing increasingly in automobile manufacturing industry for future model raw material. Plastic a task that joins the technology also is to face future. The Remform bolt that can be optimized effectively and reduces manufacturing cost and technique of other and plastic join are different, when use Remform bolt has the direct link of component, need not nut more need not insert. Bolt meets Remform finish whorl on the off-the-peg core aperture of corresponding plastic component from extrusion, such with respect to leave out component joins the pre-construction of place works accordingly, effectively managing cost. In the meantime, because use,go to the lavatory, still can shorten greatly the manufacturing handling time of corresponding component, optimize manufacturing cost further. Remform bolt can assure join quality completely, the direction that structure of shape of tooth of its unsymmetrical whorl is coming back to direct into the force of will corresponding generation when bolt place needs. The whorl face that carries Xiang Luo nailhead on the back shows arc side, optimized be joined material flows, and of front screw head tilt whorl face can be in what bolt aperture periphery secures effectively in extruding process oneself is plastic, then raises whorl scale cover an area, although be mixed in increased pulling force,also can prevent to be pulled out below torsional action. Additional of Remform bolt twist torque and invalidation torque both between bigger difference also offerred its utilization reliability: Bolt can come back completely from beginning to end close, whorl won't appear decorticate phenomenon. Purchase production to design treatment from raw material, what use Remform bolt can assure to realize cost on whole production catenary is abiding optimize, at the same time Remform bolt can make connective machinery mechanical function also gets accordingly ameliorative. And common the photograph of bolt of a straight angle of 30 ° is compared, no matter be invalidation torque, rupture the poor value between load or M ü and ME, remform bolt should have an advantage more, certain index is to exceed more 30% . CNC Milling