Rectangular coordinates robot and articulatory robot contrast are analysed

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One, rectangular coordinates robot   1, concept: Be based on dimensional XYZ rectangular coordinates is process designing, 3 axes and above freedom are spent, can implement automation, can repeat process designing to apply repeatedly, suit the automation equipment of different job. It can carry object, jockey to provide, in order to complete all sorts of work. The definition about the robot the ceaseless development as science and technology, in perfect ceaselessly, rectangular coordinates robot serves as a kind of the robot, its meaning also is in in be being perfected ceaselessly. 2, characteristic: 1) aleatoric combination becomes all sorts of forms, form two axes to differ to 6 axes configuration. 2) exceed great distance: Odd root is most length is 6 meters, but can much root conveniently great distance of class Lian Chengchao, for example 50 meters long. 3) laden capability is strong: It is to go to 200 kilograms normally, but when should using structure of many many slide block, its load ability can increase several tons. 4) tall trends is characteristic: Its are highest when light load traversal speed every second 8 meters, acceleration every second 5 meters. 5) high accuracy: Repeat fixed position precision to be able to be achieved 0.

05mm ~ 0.

01mm. 6) patulous capability is strong: Can go to the lavatory to change a structure or suit new application through process designing. 7) simple economy: Process designing is simple kind with CNC Milling, yi Peixun employee and maintenance, make its have first-rate economy. 8) life is long: The life of rectangular coordinates robot is 10 years of above commonly, had safeguarded can amount to 40 years. 9) application range is wide: Can assemble the paw of a variety of forms and dimension conveniently, can be competent a lot of common jobs, if solder, cut, carry, fluctuation makings, pack, code battlements, detect, flaw detection, classification, assemble, stick mark, gush code, make the task such as code and spray. Graph the 1 3D rectangular coordinates robot that is a model, it by X axis, y axis, z axis and drive electric machinery are comprised. In addition a whole robot system still needs to control system and hand to catch. 2, articulatory robot   1, concept: Also call articulatory arm robot or articulatory manipulator the arm, have very tall nimbleness, normally 5~6 axis, agree with almost the job of any contrail or angle. 2, characteristic: ? ?) has very tall freedom to spend, flexibility, from different point of view different position works. 2) speed can amount to 6 meters / second, acceleration 10 meters / every second; Work efficiency is tall, 3) often see in network or TV, relatively common people place is familiar with and accept. Robot of 4) 6 axis basically applies at car spot welding, arc solder, assemble (pigheaded screw) , detect kind these are deft kind of job. 5) people developed 4 axes to carry a battlements kind robot. Nextpage3, characteristic and application analyse comparative   1, working space and carrying capacity: 1) 6m of length of odd root of rectangular coordinates standard, spell outfit hind to be able to achieve 100m; Combination becomes robot of dragon door type, its work space can be exceedingly three-dimensional and stereo space. Chan Gencheng carries 10~200kg, special structure can amount to 2400 Kg. 2) 3m of radius of joint the biggest job, OK inside effective radius any angle work. The garden that radius of articulatory robot work is in should do safe segregation inside week, take up normally so larger space. Do not suit to be apart from a space to work greatly, or place sharp movement unit to go up. Carrying capacity has 5~20Kg of a few kinds of norms optional, but the biggest 1300Kg, reach its at this moment costly. Explain: Bigger, intensity also wants the working radius of common joint robot big, stronger to carrying capacity, but the rigid structure that stabilizes to assure its, cost will be very high. Rectangular coordinates structure of dragon door frame, carrying capacity is strong, can expand indefinitely, stable and reliable, cost is relatively a lot of lower. 2, working precision   1) rectangular coordinates: Because the structure is simple, repeat fixed position precision 0.

05mm, guide screw can amount to 0.

01mm, taller even. 2) joint: Repeat fixed position precision 0.

06mm, diameter of light load smaller part 0.

02mm, heavy load precision 0.

2mm. Explain: Connecting general reason condition to fall, average per capita of two kinds of machines can satisfy precision to ask. Among them robot of guide screw rectangular coordinates suits more slashing to precision requirement industry more. 3, combination   1) rectangular coordinates combination is diversiform, dragon door type, cantilever type, wall hung wait, can reach special space requirement according to different load, journey, function, order product of the demand that make place for the client. In the meantime, OK and patulous runner shaft coming back is mixed on foundation of axis of X, Y, Z3 turn over runner shaft, form 5 freedom are spent and 6 freedom spend a robot. 2) joint but fractionize spends robot of robot, Scara robot, 4 connecting rod for 6 freedom, sort is relatively little, mix optionally flexibility relatively rectangular coordinates a lot of smaller. 4, mechanical installation and safeguard   1) rectangular coordinates for modular product, join beforehand entirely in the factory move, tear open next put on a factory. The spot goes all out simply through bolt outfit, air standard can electric debug, the user can complete mechanical installation by oneself even. Frame of dragon door type is whole installation space, its work space also is inside frame limits. Modular product, the user can disassemble by oneself, change or safeguard, all mechanical spare partses all are a things, maintenance upholds charge low. 2) joint compositive change rate tall, integral sex is good, but need professional has mechanical setup. Install a space relatively rectangular coordinates small, but its work space is his whole job radius, work area needs to do defend processing, die device always covers an area of an area to not be less than rectangular coordinates model. Reach control high as a result of mechanization degree very complex, maintain and safeguard must finish by the professional of manufacturer or supplier (the maintenance of foreign entrance brand charge is in 300 yuan / the hour is controlled) , the user often is faced with two problems to high price is maintained or discard as useless processing. 5, software process designing is held accuse and safeguard   1) arrive from electrical system go up a machine rectangular coordinates it is open, agile, applicable system of drive of the PLC of any brands, CNC, servo, can be familiar with brand make choice of by the user even. Process designing is simple, the user can expand at will, hold control simple easy operation. Join key project completely, simple procedure problem and hardware breakdown, the client can be handled by oneself, change for example drive electric machinery, PLC, uphold charge low. 2) close type robot: Software system is compositive change, library function is called directly, it is its software advantage. But process designing and hold accuse to must pass major to groom by the supplier ability is finished (charge of manufacturer software process designing 300 yuan / hour) , and special software needs to collect fees. Safeguard and maintain complete be enslaved to be enslaved to person, because the brand is mutual incompatible, hardware breakdown must be offerred directly by supplier or manufacturer, blame market is current product, cost is high. Nextpage6, early days throws cost: Take no account of later period to safeguard upkeep costs, with 60Kg laden stacking machine implement the person is a rectangular coordinates robot: 10 thousand joint of 25~40 robot: 10 thousand   of 60~80 7, the applied case with domestic and international basis, to the application of disparate industry the circumstance contrasts as follows: CNC Milling