How to follow a pattern? Engineer following a pattern should have done this at 10 o'clock

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Go as engineer following a pattern follow-up tries a model, what business does need do? 1) above all, open mould project attempt, the behavioral principle that knows a pattern and correct behavioral procedure 2) try a mould to whether leave orderly according to the design for nothing combine a model, the movement is accurate reach the designated position, the movement of the oil cylinder that has oil cylinder is accurate 3) try thimble for nothing inclined top is smooth with accurate restoration, with the hand pigheaded blame locates whether thimble can turn easily 4) move with hand push row, look smooth 5) whether to join carry water, carry water is expedite 6) Pi gives Pi hind, see Pi above all whether to have visible defect, shrink, tired gas, light blanks, change model wait for Pi quality is judged 7) see Pi the model before whether be being buckled, when the mould flies a model, do not support first piece, clap Pi see Pi depend on whether goodly go up in lower mould 8) if need Pi to do, this Pi hand in relevant personnel to approbate continue again. 2.

As engineer following a pattern, taking Pi hind what should do? 1) judge Pi first, mark compares apparent blemish, if approve sharp edge or the mistake with apparent other, give model person go ahead of the rest is handled 2) check whether product 3D and 2D graph judgement have apparent wrong treatment, leakage treatment 3) the diameter that simple and easy to the part dimension is like column aperture, deepness, outside dimension, measure with callipers decide whether OK4) completed a report that day as far as possible, at the same time Pi hand in QC to make dimension report 3.

Pi often go in cent of spurt chew position face batch sharp edge, what analysis can you do to handle the work? Insert when wearing positional FIT model, arrive obviously well, can you try a Pi to have namely batch sharp edge why? 1) state of examination FIT model, FIT red lead but test and verify cooperates good 2) is tall 0.

05MM, the examination maintains a head to distributing even, whether is there the design that fill a head near spurt mouth especially 3) examination Pi go whether hard makings, whether to have bureau move expect a very thin place, exhaust is enlightened 4) mouth of flow path water is too small bring about makings slow refrigeration fast form high pressure 5) Pi machine tonnage is appropriate, the power that lock up a model is enough 6) on, lower mould each other is locked up the likelihood appeared problem 4.

On, lower mould expects between appeared to place a mouth absolutely, excuse me you make with what method clip mouth is reduced. A kind of circumstance can be eliminated, what is that? 1) decrease on, lower mould expects horn giving a model, or make extremely spacing is right neat 2) on, lower mould expects consummate straight body can be eliminated (do a travel of course also be possible) 5.

Bone place both sides did mold insert and have thimble but Pi always be very white, so what is the biggest suspicion? 1) thimble leaves bone too far 2) bone polishing appears to buckle 6.

The Pi that summarizes you to know a few kinds of circumstances mix metabolic to improve measure correspondingly (1) the model before buckling is out of shape 1) purify is buckled 2) polishing 3) increase a modular role 4) if be added because of vacuum gas cap or bask in microgroove 5) lower mould is basked in, if use aspic water 3) the return that increases cooling water (series connection changes paralell connection) 4) add cooling water 5) local hm change beryllium copper mold insert or beryllium copper needle 6) stress of position of the opening that enter water is out of shape, the change enters water level place (5) shrink is out of shape 1) lengthen refrigeration is periodic 2) the composition that improves a product, add muscle to wait for example. 7.

What does the method that improves shrink have? 1) increase pressure ejaculation glue, lengthen dwell time 2) draw out empty makings make expect even 3) decrease thin bone to appropriate scale 4) add wide flow path, increase water opening 5) water mouth lives to rushing the position of shrink 8.

Pi does the reason have the possibility of light blanks what? 1) pressure is little did not take neat stuff, bone of a few products many, do not take care a bit with respect to occurrence light blanks 2) go makings is lopsided did not take neat stuff 3) expect thin go hard makings (tired gas) 4) bone Tibetan rubbish 5) cupreous general decrease is general 9.

What does the method that settles tired gas have? 1) extreme surrounds air, add exhaust, cent face to add exhaust 2) bone tired gas, add exhaust to set a needle 3) bone tired gas, add exhaust to do mold insert 4) expect an intermediate tired gas, add dark flow path or change water level place 5) make the improvement that appear steel exhaust 10.

What to solve very white method to have? 1) increase thimble 2) increase thimble 3) raise square thimble spirit 4) thimble Yan Xinchi 5) add station of a protruding 6) bone expect a polish 7) thimble changes top piece 8) decelerate a top to give rate CNC Milling