Chemical runs the application in modern treatment

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Rise ceaselessly as what modern treatment asks, machine the metabolic multiterminal of material, those who brought about lube to taste with each passing day diversification and specialization, the management that also tastes to lube raises taller requirement. In this moment, we notice, of a lot of treatment industry managers in greeting much so a word: "Did you use chemical government? " all the time since, the chemical with complete neither one of treatment manufacturing industry manages a concept. The management that the lube such as the cutting fluid to be being used in production, antirust oil, hydraulic pressure oil tastes, the administrative method that a lot of treatment companies use or more elementary tradition manage mode: Production is bought please -- the plan is purchased -- receiving inspection -- inventory -- send the spot. And chemical appears in use process issue of a few technologies, can listen to taste the statement of only one of the parties of the supplier by a few oil only commonly. As the development of modern treatment, project of a common treatment, often should involve tens of even about a hundred kinds of chemical, an a lot of relevant problems are created again among this, the choice that is like chemical and optimize, the spot is used in the feedback of the problem and solve, the put in storage that oil tastes examines to manage with inventory, operate personnel groom directive, and of administrator supervise etc. And in traditional chemical management mode falls, these problems are dispersedly among a lot of relevant sections, lack a reasonable and active management and supervise, mutual shuffle is not between each branches, conceal each other namely. To such extensive type management, not only the administrative cost that raised a lot of enterprises, the bribery that causes an administrator easily still is corrupt, the serious use that still can taste because of oil is undeserved cause product defect rate tall, oil savors service life short, regular even stop the accident such as machine. In modern treatment manufacturing industry, the management of chemical already was simple no longer purchase -- inventory -- gotten tradition management way, accompany what modern treatment industry machines precision to rise, those who process data is increasingly slashing, the application of chemical and its government already admitted become to cover chemical choice, purchase, content shedding, optimize, the new major of the many sided content such as technical support and cost analysis, it needs to use a kind of advanced systematization management means, cite a perfect mechanism will run and be supervised, ability satisfies modern business management. The duty chemical of CM manages (CM) of the following abbreviation, it is the production that shows the enterprise involves place be used directly or nonproductive the chemical stock that uses directly and relevant service government give professional chemical management company is direct and responsible, in each level that produce CM application whole process and new project at the enterprise, accumulate old CM experience through new-style CM mode and professional corporation, those who offer chemical is all-around service, make the enterprise reachs safeguard safe production, optimize product quality, raise manufacturing efficiency and the goal that reduce production cost. CM is perforative at whole production technological process, with chemical surely, use effectively for the center, the whole course that combines the special requirement that modernization learns to taste use domain further on this foundation serves a system. Management of the bag outside effective chemical can let an enterprise concentrate their spirit and resource on the technique that concerns straightforward production, craft and quality system; Save chemical stock for the enterprise, reduce cost, economic time, improve beneficial result and participate in market competition to provide powerful backup force for the enterprise. CM is similar to the bag outside the unifinication of a kind of chemical, the bag outside this kind of unifinication is equivalent to machining an enterprise to do " swing palmar ark " , be in charge of an enterprise by CM company full-fledged member all administrative jobs that concern with chemical. With traditional management mode photograph is compared, this kind of mode has distinguishing feature more. CM company is in charge of machining what company lubricating oil tastes to purchase directly, put in storage, get with add use. Can compare so, CM company is equivalent to the spot machining " baby-sitter " , the problem that all and relevant lube tastes, CM is in charge of solving. Above all, CM company needs craft of all to the enterprise treatment to refer with evaluate, in order to decide place wants the sort of chemical, make the plan that chemical uses. In traditional pattern, by treatment enterprise oneself finishs these. Next, CM company wants those who be in charge of chemical to purchase with for goods, establish the safe reserve of chemical, assure manufacturing on the rails. CM company still is in charge of undertaking develop and administrative to the supplier of chemical. Because CM company has rich chemical management experience, have more on the choice of supplier and product so professional, shun expensive manufacturing machine the choice because of chemical is undeserved and the trouble that cause, in addition, because CM company serves for a lot of clients at the same time, have an advantage more than traditional pattern on the price. Moreover, CM company uses advanced digitlization government, to every product line every periodic chemical goods in stock has detailed record with use quantity, undertake to chemical and relevant running stores statistic is optimized regularly, use chemical reasonably. In addition, CM company can put forward fixed cost every year to machining company commitment lower target, use the record of the circumstance and analysis to chemical spot according to CM company, make and carry out corresponding cost managing plan, reduce the cost of the enterprise further. The job of CM company also is not to hereto, it still needs to undertake daily care and maintenance to relevant equipment, make and implement relevant administrative policy and system, wait for a variety of jobs to undertaking grooming administrative about personnel. After CM brought benefit to use CM, the spot management that oil tastes is taken over by professional CM staff, the enterprise tastes respect of cost price case in oil will managing 10% the left and right sides, oil tastes the accretion in using the capacity will be spare 12% above, the service life of cutting tool will lengthen 10% ~ 50% , because oil tastes what the problem brings about to stay machine case,decreased 30% the left and right sides, and the service life that oil savors also increased commonly 20% . Why CM is having a lot of clear advantages in contemporary company treatment, can reduce the following: Above all, well-known, the use circumstance that oil tastes and spot government case are inseparable, spot administrator is used correctly to the product, have analysis, complement to the product regularly, adjust etc also is the important step that prolongs product service life. CM company is tasted to oil having enough and solid knowledge, there is congenital advantage on the spot management of chemical. Next, CM company has professional experimental testing instrument and mature oil to taste use experience, can do not have in the problem large-scale before erupting, in advance discovers, take appropriate and appropriate step, solve a problem, lengthen oil to taste changing cycle. In the meantime, had professional testing instrument, before also tasting a factory for oil examine in detail offerred a possibility, put an end to rejected product to enter manufacturing segment, avoid to affect production. And, CM company chooses in order to and pH indicator to wait for a problem to go up certainly to what oil tastes, having mature experience, can help a company the product with alternative higher price, can avoid the needless waste that the enterprise creates in this one respect completely. On spot management, depending on excellent oil to taste knowledge, the different intensity that CM company meeting foundation machines, recommend use appropriate treatment chroma, and undertake monitoring to adding a capacity, reduce company cost reasonably. Additional, in modern business management, if cancer is same,purchase the issue that the respect appears, perplexing a proprietor of an enterprise. The extra income that a few intermediate link detain, will cause about 5% ~ to the enterprise the loss of 15% . And although numerous enterprise is on procurement control,take seriously very much, and investment also is not little, but the effect nots allow as before hopeful. CM is in this respect advantage is clear. Purchase as a result of what oil tastes with the bag outside management, make enterprise from go up at all eradicated this one problem, reduced the manufacturing cost of the enterprise further. From the point of afore-mentioned analysis, CM pattern is quite clear to the advantage of modern treatment company. But, because oil tastes chemical itself,be course of a brim, domestic advanced institution of higher learning did not offer relevant major even, the domestic research to this and talent education are very fragile still. This makes the talented person of chemical management serious lack, personnel just passes a lot of field work to groom simply, with respect to hasty mount guard, cannot satisfy the need that processes a business. Additional, put generally inside course of study in some chemical to run the name that chemical of company have the aid of runs at present, turn oneself product manufacturing company, in bringing about the process that doing CM thereby, put be in a lot of hitting to press other brand product, spot to be not safeguarded reach the designated position wait for a problem, harmed the interest that processes a business. Accordingly, some enterprises also carry a new decision now in order to restrict CM company, once used the chemical of some manufacturer,manage namely, so the chemical of this manufacturer will be not gotten enter a business. Chemical management still is a burgeoning industry, the process that developing can appear inevitably a few problems, but from whole development foreground looks, this still is industry of a rising sun. Believe to be before economic crisis, chemical management can give the treatment company infuse that is immersed in trough new energy. CNC Milling