Laser technology in car air gap of linear electric machinery measures medium application

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The principle that introduced laser range finding and technology of laser range finding in urban orbit traffic air gap of linear electric machinery measures medium application, offerred the means of settlement of pertinent question in be being measured actually. Of the ceaseless development as the technology and function ceaseless and perfect, the application of technology of laser range finding in orbit traffic domain will be more wide. Current, car of new-style urban orbit traffic used linear electric machinery (LIM) drawing means, linear electric machinery has fasten the whirl at the tradition electric machinery, it arranges the stator of electric machinery and rotor departure, namely stator is located in train side, rotor (weigh inductive board again) lay it is in the center of orbit, below the action of electric current and magnetic field, stator and the interaction power that rotor produces make train moves at orbit relatively, to assure the certain traction, demand that reduces specific power consumption and train delimitation, the distance of the stator of linear electric machinery and rotor (call air gap below) should maintain inside certain limits, because this air gap is measured daily,safeguarding is the important segment that ensures train moves normally, be being measured as a result of air gap is a trends is measured, and suffer field of electromagnetism of condition of circuit length, circuitry, linear electric machinery to disturb intensity to wait for an element to affect, measure difficulty actually bigger, at present domestic and international person of the same trade still is in the research of this domain in ceaseless exploration, later development introduces technology of laser range finding simply to apply mediumly in this domain. 1 principle introduces 20 centuries at the beginning of 90 time, as the development of technology of semiconductor laser diode, the actual application of laser produced revolutionary change, semiconductor laser measures appliance to have measure precision tall, bulk small, weight light, dependability efficiency of tall, changeover tall, power comsumption circuit of low, drive is simple and suffer electromagnetism field interference not easily to wait for an advantage to begin to apply at range finding domain. Cent of principle of laser range finding is 3 kinds: It is range finding of pulse law laser, range finder launchs the laser classics that go out to be measured after the object is reflexed, be measured again. Be apart from appearance to receive, range finder records the time that laser goes back and forth between at the same time, the half of velocity of light and the product of time going there and back is range finder and the distance between object be metricaled, the precision that pulse law measures an interval is in commonly ± 1m, agree with determine the object with further distance (wait for respect) like building, geology; 2 it is trigonometric laser range finding (call structural light scanner) again, make light source with semiconductor laser, the illuminate of beam of light that makes its arise is measured the surface, classics surface scattering (or reflex) hind, with the face blast CCD camera is received, spot gives report the exterior change on normal direction in the position on CCD image plane, nod structural light to measure a principle namely; 3 it is range finding of phasic law laser, it is to use radio wave paragraph frequency undertakes extent modulation to stimulating beam of light and determine the phasic delay that place produces modulation light line going there and back, again the wavelengh according to modulation light, the distance that this phasic defer place represents conversion. Range finder of phasic type laser applies at accurate range finding commonly. At present Guangzhou subway the measurement of air gap of linear electric machinery basically introduces 4 lines principle of trigonometric laser range finding. 2 measure executive vehicle air gap of linear electric machinery is by the induction of the stator of car side and orbit side board form, the if install measurement unit,suffers magnetic field interference and train easily on linear electric machinery to move effect when real time is measured, measure come out to exceed punctuation to decide in the essence in circuit a difficulty is greater, be being measured actually accordingly is the method that uses departure to measure, measure place a certain in circuit a little bit to pass train namely stator of linear electric machinery (opposite at course face) height, apply shift to measure equipment to measure circuit response additionally board (opposite at course face) height, both difference is value of air gap of linear electric machinery namely, this measurement technique basically can react a the whole line is straight the level of electric machinery air gap, producing the result in applying actually relatively ideal. Specific measurement technique makes one introduction under. 2.

1 stator height measures stator height is measure laser measuring implement to be buried in car beforehand paragraph in the center of the orbit of discrepancy line (can will measure measuring implement to be decorated with inductive board tall, see graph 1) . When using trigonometric laser range finding, the illuminate of laser light beam that comes from probe is in underside of stator of linear electric machinery, form spot, this smooth one part is reflexed, arrive at installation to be in through optical camera lens the linear array of the CCD charge coupler of sensor interior (graph 2) . Spot the position in array is changed in proportion according to sensor and the distance of the surface that be measured, system of in-house data processing can identify its position and give out to be left by range finding directly. This measurement technique applies to the measurement of any stuff that have diffuse reflection face, the change of exterior reflectivity is tried to compensate by compositive electron instrument. The data of the 2 outline curve that when decorating graph system to measure, the graph uses sensor of 2 laser range finding of sensor of 1 laser range finding to realize way of length of electric machinery of edge of electric machinery underside is collected, measure a height that leaves electric machinery stator in dynamic environment thereby, this measurement technique also says online measure, it can the height of stator of bona fide report. Graph graph of principle of range finding of 2 trigonometric laser uses the method that buries equipment beforehand, the system is relatively fixed, because this system scale is relative bigger, the function is relatively all ready also, the system basically includes the following share: System of central control management, exploration station (data collects the buy before reaching to handle equipment) , car date identifies etc of device, demarcate device automatically to assist device (graph 3) . Wait for a principle considering material benefit of convenient operation, economy, exploration station system undertakes compositive configuration, include antennae of system of sensor of many laser range finding, wheel sensor, lead plane, microwave, component line box, cable and system of integral steel pillow. Nextpage pursues method of whole data processing is based on sketch map of 3 control structure processor of signal of a number (DSP) , its automata stimulates the time of exposure of light energy and CCD array. The surface that at the same time application is the same as technology of RSTC of cycle filling light to be able to measure a variety of differring, be like shining metal, black balata and rough paint surface. This advantage that surveys a system is the height that can run real wire to measure electric machinery stator in car, have automatic differentiate train to move to be measured direction, automatically at the same time fast, automatic amount of train of plan axis, computation, and the air gap of linear electric machinery according to set is the least value, realize breakdown or exceed bounds early-warning, call the police. Defect is a system investment dimensions and cover an area of a space bigger. 2.

2 inductions board height measures inductive board height use height compositive the shift that spend measures equipment (say to measure car) below, measure a car to measure coder to be apart from surely by laser, a variety of technologies such as computer graph processing are united in wedlock and become, measure a car to walk along a ministry to be able to pass 5# switch and curve of diameter of 65m smaller part and already some urban orbit traffic any gradient circuitry, and the requirement of contented railroad delimitation, it has volume small, weight is light wait for a characteristic. Handlers is passed drive a car, but real time monitoring is current course of development is corresponding the height of inductive board, improved work efficiency greatly and reduced labor intensity. Measure with stator height same, this system also is to use trigonometric laser range finding, the appearance that monitor is comprised by 2 laser sensor, measure the both sides of inductive board respectively, wait for span sampling through displacement sensor and the course with current computation, after handling an analysis via the computer next, show on indication screen real time measures an outcome, measure car sampling frequency tall, can achieve 16kHz, measure precision ≥ 0.

04min, can spark into travel incident (discover data exceeds mark to just begin a record namely, with) of managing memory space, the sampling interval of sensor is adjustable, data processing is reliable, not lack fidelity. The system forms graph and main body sketch map to if pursue,part 4 with the graph 5 are shown. Graph 4 systems form a graph to pursue sketch map of 5 main body to get used to round-the-clock climate condition, avoid intense by day sunshine to be opposite especially the influence of laser head sampling, laser drive circuit uses special design to make the laser dot intensity of laser head can get used to closed circuit oneself, assure to measure data not to follow environmental temperature, color, brightness (sun illuminate or night are darker environment) wait for change and change, but this system defect is to measure suffer soup effect easily, and have on inductive board sundry when also can affect measure precision. The tradition measures a way is to use artificial method to be opposite inductive board height undertakes sampling metrical, handlers measures height feet to lean on orbit, through adjusting the cursor of feet undertakes metrical, because course of construction of circuitry of traffic of modern city orbit is longer and longer (like Guangzhou subway 4 lines are two-way and full-length amount to 93.

12km) , efficiency of traditional manual measurement technique is low, one day can be measured only about 0.

7km, working intensity is high, and dispute is measured continuously, easy the situation that creates leakage check. Laser measures the use of the car to be able to replace handiwork to measure well, not only improved work efficiency, measure speed to be able to achieve 3km/h, the working intensity that can reduce handlers at the same time and undertake metrical continuously, it is inductive board administrator offerred accurate technical parameter, facilitate the management that measures data. Will measure stator height is subtractively finally rotor (inductive board) height is worth for air gap of linear electric machinery namely, make clear Guangzhou subway from the data of actual measurement air gap of linear electric machinery is worth 4 lines to be 11-12mm basically, satisfy requirement of normal scope of application. Technology of range finding of laser of 3 last words is in Guangzhou the subway air gap of car of linear electric machinery measures 4 lines although the applying of the domain just starts, but had obtained apparent effect, it not only improved measure efficiency, rose to measure precision, reduced the labor intensity that overhauls work staff, more avoided to use the leakage check situation that measure foot and creates before, the safety that is car of linear electric machinery, reliable move provided safeguard. Of the ceaseless development as the technology and function ceaseless and perfect, the application of technology of laser range finding in orbit traffic domain will be more wide. CNC Milling