The milling cutter below sophisticated treatment condition chooses

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In cutting treatment, improve treatment for utmost ground quality and repeat precision, must choose correctly and decide appropriate cutting tool, machine to a few tall difficulty that have challenge sex, this especially important. The article is aimed at in a few difficulty treatment condition falls (if use method of high speed cutting tool, milling is narrow place, straight when wall and black lead workpiece) , should how logical choice milling cutter offers a few the golden rule. The CAD/CAM software system nowadays can pass method of high speed cutting tool to control arc length of penetration of a cutting tool accurately in method of cutting tool of high speed cycloid (note: Method of cycloidal cutting tool is the curvilinear way that a fixed spot place forms) , and obtain extremely tall cutting precision. Even when milling cutter cuts corner or other when intricate geometry appearance, quantity of its penetration of a cutting tool also won't increase. To make full use of this kind of technology progresses, tool manufacturer design developed advanced small diameter milling cutter. With the diameter older milling cutter photograph is compared, price of small diameter milling cutter is lower, and through using method of high speed cutting tool, often can excise more workpiece material inside unit time. Because the osculatory surface of big diameter milling cutter and workpiece is bigger,this is, because this needs to lower feed rate, use more conventional small feed rate. Accordingly, small diameter milling cutter can achieve higher metallic purify rate instead. Nevertheless, cutting tool architect still needs to ensure these small diameter milling cutter apply to cycloidal cutting not only, even with be matched by the workpiece data phase of cutting. Nowadays, the geometrical blade form of a lot of efficient cutting tool is in the light of the cutting technology that is used specificly by treatment material and place special design. For example, use optimized cutting tool method, the mill on the H13 steel that can use milling cutter of a 6 blade to amount to HRC54 in hardness gives complete slot. It is with a diameter 12.

The milling cutter of 7mm can be cut make a width for 25.

The chamfer of 4mm. If use a diameter 12.

The width of milling cutter treatment of 7mm is 12.

The chamfer of 7mm, cutting tool produces overmuch surface to contact with respect to meeting and workpiece, bring about cutting tool very fast invalidation. An useful experience law is: Use diameter is workpiece about the narrowest the milling cutter of place dimension 1/2. In this exemple, workpiece is the narrowest place is width for 25.

The chamfer of 4mm, accordingly, the biggest diameter that uses milling cutter should not exceed 12.

7mm. Be less than workpiece when milling cutter radius the narrowest when place dimension, cutting tool has the space of or so shift, can obtain angle of the smallest penetration of a cutting tool. This means milling cutter to be able to use more cutting blade and higher feed rate. Machine tool stiffness also conduces to the measure that can use cutting tool certainly. For example, when undertaking cutting is machined on the machine tool in 40 taper, milling cutter diameter answer normally < 12.

7mm. The milling cutter with bigger diameter can produce a likelihood to exceed a machine tool to bear the bigger cutting force of ability, bring about flutter, be out of shape, the surface is bright and clean degree change difference and cutting tool loss of life. In addition, use a diameter to be workpiece the narrowest when the milling cutter of place dimension 1/2, can hold point of view of lesser penetration of a cutting tool, and also won't increase when cutting tool changes direction. For example, the step pitch taking a knife that work machine program uses is 10 % , criterion angle of penetration of a cutting tool is 37 ° . If use dated, traditional cutting tool method, milling cutter every time when haul, angle of its penetration of a cutting tool will increase 127 ° . And when using method of newer high speed cutting tool, milling cutter is not had when corner is in the sound that give out and linear cutting 2 send. The sound that if be milling cutter in all cutting process,gives out is same, show its were not pounded by big thermal shock and machinery. If milling cutter gives out pointed howling when change direction every time or cutting corner, show the likelihood needs to reduce size of milling cutter diameter, in order to reduce angle of penetration of a cutting tool. If cutting sends the voice that give to keep changeless, show pressure of cutting of milling cutter susceptive agrees equably, did not fluctuate as the change of workpiece geometry appearance fluctuant, because angle of its penetration of a cutting tool keeps constant from beginning to end,this is. Milling is narrow place is annular milling cutter is milling narrow place (be like helix hole milling and milling costal region board, or when milling cutter diameter is close to workpiece radius) optimal choice. The cricoid appearance with this kind of solid milling cutter can arise cut bits to reduce small effect, make its can undertake milling with taller feed rate. In addition, the ball head milling cutter that the radius of this milling cutter wants to compare a tradition is small, because this can increase knife step pitch, still can maintain the flatness that machines the surface at the same time, and won't appear when ball head milling cutter is machined, can arise normally relatively bolo mark. Annular milling cutter suits helix hole milling and milling costal region very much board, because be in these treatment, inevitable ground meets cutting tool generate more contact with treatment surface, and use Shuang Ren annular milling cutter is OK utmost ground decreases to be contacted with the surface of workpiece, reduce heat in metal cutting and cutting tool to be out of shape thereby. In these two kinds of treatment, be in normally when cutting of annular milling cutter close condition, accordingly, the biggest radial step pitch taking a knife should be the 25 % of milling cutter diameter, and the biggest Z that takes a knife every time to cut the 2 % that should be milling cutter diameter greatly. In helix hole milling, when milling cutter cuts work with helix knife course, helix cuts horn to be 2 ° - 3 ° , till achieve milling cutter diameter the Z of 2 % to cut deep. If open position is in when cutting of annular milling cutter (be like milling workpiece corner or clear when workpiece feature) , its radial walks along knife step pitch to depend on the hardness of workpiece material. When milling hardness is the workpiece material of HRC30-50, the biggest radial step pitch taking a knife should be the 5 % of milling cutter diameter; When HRC50 of material hardness prep above, the biggest radial step pitch taking a knife and the biggest Z that take a knife every time to cut the 2 % that all are milling cutter diameter greatly. When the wide area that milling straight wall makes the same score costal region board or straight wall in milling treatment belt, effect of milling cutter of use ox bazoo is best. The bovine bazoo milling cutter of 4-6 blade is good at the outside figure of straight to taking wall or very open position undertaking profile modeling milling especially. The blade number of milling cutter is more, adoptable feed rate is older. Nevertheless, personnel of treatment process designing still needs to reduce the surface of cutting tool and workpiece to contact as far as possible, use lesser radial to cut wide. Be in on the machine tool with poorer tigidity when treatment, use a diameter lesser milling cutter is more advantageous, because small diameter milling cutter can reduce the watch surface contact with workpiece. The use method of milling cutter of bazoo of much blade ox (include knife step pitch and cutting deepness) as identical as annular milling cutter. They can use method of cycloidal cutting tool (or the new cutting tool way that can command point of view of cutting tool penetration of a cutting tool) hard to temper by dipping in water data undertakes grooving is machined. The place before be like is narrated, the most important is to should ensure milling cutter diameter is the 50 % with wide chamfer about, make milling cutter has enough mobile space, ensure angle of penetration of a cutting tool won't increase to cross much heat in metal cutting with generation. When material of graphite of cutting of milling graphite material, its are tall abrasion can make cutting tool of standard hard alloy wears away quickly, and tatty cutting tool will not cut the intricate geometry figure that cuts demand giving place accurately. When milling black lead, cutting tool method and milling means are not the most crucial factor, use why to plant the milling cutter of the type depends on normally the appearance of black lead electrode. Because diamond coating milling cutter has admirable wearability, because this is applied extensively at black lead milling. The diamond that grows on matrix of hard alloy cutting tool can form hardness the extremely tall, wear-resisting coating that can prolong cutting tool life significantly. The life of diamond coating cutting tool should be compared not the hard alloy cutting tool of coating grows 10-30 times. For example, with a diameter 12.

Of 7mm not milling cutter of head of ball of coating hard alloy machines 152.

When the electrode of complex black lead of 4mm square, be in normally milling after about 4 hours, the sharp blade form of blade of milling cutter cutting and detail feature begin to flake. And can last diamond coating milling cutter milling 98 hours of above, its cutting blade also won't happen flake. Process form of workpiece of certain black lead (like thin costal region board) , when acerb geometry profile and small size workpiece, to blade of milling cutter cutting sharp degree of demand is particularly high. In this kind of treatment, use the diamond coating with 2-3 μ thick M to be able to lengthen cutting tool life and carry point sharp. Because this is planted thinner diamond coating cost is inferior, because this suits not quite high to requirement of cutting tool life low end very much,machine. And the diamond coating that typical ply is 18 μ M basically is used at asking to cutting tool life very high high end is machined. Use thinner diamond coating, the die manufacturer that can make those production lot lesser and hopes to reduce cutting tool cost need not sacrifice to reduce cost cutting tool life. They still can develop the performance dominant position of cutting tool of true diamond coating hard alloy, can use thinner diamond coating to satisfy its specific treatment requirement again at the same time. The limits of diamond coating ply nowadays is 2-25 μ M roughly. The optimal cutting tool that suits specific treatment should depend on not only by cutting material, and still should depend on uses cutting type and milling method. Be led through optimizing speed of cutting tool, cutting, feed and machine process designing skill, can with lower finished cost, faster, produce component better. CNC Milling