The green that uses oil to enrage cooling and lubricant technology is lubricant and cooling plan

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As global environment increasingly exasperate, people takes environmental problem seriously more and more, the cooling and lubricant technology that researchs low pollution and free from contamination becomes current green to make one of medium main tasks. Produce a large number of oil in the light of the place below the operating mode that high temperature causes as a result of high speed, high impact in having cold Dui of figuration of cutting nicety plasticity less to machine mist and to the machine tool damage, the green that put forward to use oil to enrage cooling and lubricant technology is lubricant and cooling plan, undertake enforcing cooling dropping in temperature actively, reduced the generation of oily mist not only, more the service life that increased cold osmic chance. 1 foreword cold Dui is to be below normal temperature, use metallic plasticity, use cold conditions mechanical undertake applying pressing or cold-drawing, achieve goal of metabolic of metallic solid state. Cold forging technology regards nicety of a kind of little cutting as plasticity figuration craft, have cutting to machine incomparable advantage, it is having very main effect in the production process of metallic spare parts. Stuff of the metal when cold forging wants to generation is out of shape and machine sclerosis, the meeting in having process of quick plasticity metabolic produces much heat, this affected the life of cold Dui mould greatly, reduced the production precision of the product. Can differ in the lube in cold forging process at the same time smoke of unboiled oil of degree real estate, oily mist. Cold Dui machine lasts below operating mode of high temperature, high speed, tall percussive to run, undertake effective lubricant refrigeration to crucial component, not only the impurity that can take away attrition interface and quantity of heat, have refrigeration and the effect that wash attrition face, and can reduce the attrition between attrition face and loss, the safety that assures machine equipment moves. The abominable production situation that in the light of oil of current production workshop mist diffuses, be badly in need of development going out, cover the lubricant and cooling system with economic economy to improve overall service life, reduce the generation of oily mist effectively, realize green environmental protection. The research of technology of cutting of 2 domestic and international green in recent years, domestic and international scholar was doing the certain domain of cutting of cutting, standard dry form to gain a success. Law of cutting of half dry type is to use gas to add drop harmless oil agent replaces cutting fluid drop in temperature, the lubricant, cutting means that discharges bits. Have commonly: MQL(minim is lubricant) cutting of cutting, azotic air current, vapor is cooling heat insulation of cold cutting of control of lubricant, backset, air expands refrigeration cutting, ultralow temperature is cooling cutting and cutting of microtherm air cooling. According to statistic, the company that there already is about 80% in German manufacturing industry at present used dry cutting. Technology of air cooling cutting serves as one of doing type cutting processing technique partly, it is MQL(minim lubricates) of cutting technology outspread. Current. Technology of air cooling cutting (the plan that replaces cutting fluid with microtherm air cooling) main research team is centered in the Asia, special it is a delegate with Japan. Technology of air cooling cutting is minim lubricates (the development of MQL) cutting technology, it makes proper improvement can be carried out on the foundation of existing equipment only. In the developed country, oil gas is lubricant technology with its rate of efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, automation is high, move to wait for a characteristic to already became most advanced method of lubrication reliably, apply at numerous industrial domain in great quantities, and this technology just starts in our country at present, be in perfect and develop level. A piece of photograph is the setting that oily mist of workshop of production of cold Dui engine diffuses below 3 plan design, if pursue,L place is shown. To production the environment causes huge pollution, what affect operation staff directly is healthy, left the accident snake in the grass of different level to workshop. Below the big environment that at present green creates, cold Dui industry is badly in need of seeking the way with a lubricant and cooling green that can develop continuously. Graph oily mist of workshop of 1 cold Dui diffuses setting is current, eddy current provides technology of wind cold cutting, the microtherm air cooling that will arise undertakes cool and discharging bits to cutting area directly, can have not only reduce cutting tool to wear away, improve cutting tool life, still can reduce finished cost, without chemical pollution. Domestic scholar was undertaking to this technology certain research works in last few years, the technology of wind refrigeration cutting that use backset provides has become green to produce one of medium research heat content. On afore-mentioned theoretical foundations, the principle of lubricant and cooling plan of machine of cold Dui of initial tentative plan pursues, if pursue,2 are shown. Graph machine of 2 cold Dui is lubricant and cooling the simple specification that principle of plan of plan principle plan pursues: (1) uses the air cooling of constant temperature to aim place of cold Dui mould to undertake enforcing cooling directly. The gas source of this system is offerred by air compressor, through cooling backset the canal gets what wanting the cold air of temperature and pressure, arrive through nozzle eject cooling place. The hot air that eddy current is in charge of another end to come out can reclaim use, managing the sources of energy. (2) lubricant system uses drop lubricant technology. The compression that connects air uses eddy current to provide air cooling technology, will compress airy temperature to be reduced (20, 30) ℃ , mix in a subtle way to measure lubricant, executive refrigeration, lubricant to place of cold Dui mould with platoon bits. (3) is calorific to crucial parts interior serious place, corresponding copper pipe has place inside lubricant refrigeration. (The lubricant oil gas that 4) course circulates uses cold water machine to undertake constant temperature cools. The principle explains: Use MQL cooling and lubricant technology, mensurable lubricant constant pressure, time gush person arrives to be compressed constant pressurely what high speed flows continuously in air, the two-phase oil gas that forms turbulence state in the conduit of fixed length mixes stream (the oil in two-phase shedding and compress air not true confluence, also not pulverization, be in however compress action of flow of airy high speed to fall, the) of helix shape advancement with ceaseless wall of lube edge conduit, send to the place that needs lubricant refrigeration directly. 13 beneficial show the malpractice of technology of cutting of metal of tradition of 4 last words come out, then cutting technology of green received wide application. As the ceaseless development of lubricant industry, the lubricant means with our country relatively at present wide application has rare oil-lubricated, dry oil-lubricated, oily mist to lubricate. Lubricate to be in abroad for advanced and lubricant cooling technology of the representing with oil gas already wide application is mixed at scroll bearing, sliding bearing gear, but be in our country, this technology still is in start level, its still want a large number of jobs in the respect such as design, application and promotion. Application of advanced lubricant and cooling technology has market perspective very much at cold Dui industry, but whether can executive effect achieve expectant goal, still need to study through further analysis, the road of the lubricant refrigeration that searchs an economy, green, still need very long period of time. CNC Milling