Modelling of 3D of connecting rod forging die antrum and CNC Machining are emulated

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Production engineer of 1 overview CAXA is the collect design of our country own research and development, make and CNC Machining automatic process designing the CAD/CAM software at an organic whole [1] , have powerful hypostatic curved surface to mix modelling function and rich data interface, can realize a product to complex 3D modelling is designed and generate the NC code that suits any numerical control systems automatically, be emulated through treatment or code is read instead examine treatment craft and code desired result. Connecting rod serves as mechanical drive (world drive heads development the current situation and look into) the important part in the orgnaization, to its dimension of position of forging interior organization and appearance structure is had relatively hi-tech requirement. To the design of connecting rod forging die and treatment, traditional method is put in more question. And the application of function of the CAD/CAM in producing an engineer through CAXA, forging die design and treatment difficulty are being shown reduce, the fast design that realizes a mould thereby and make. 3D of forging die of 2 connecting rod antrum builds a model (the diagnostic model that methodological CAXA production engineer provided 1)3D modelling to be based on spare parts substance, modelling of free curved surface and curved surface substance mix modelling function [2] .

In the three-dimensional model process of the spare parts, can pass cut, the means such as confluence makes curved surface and hypostatic model be in harmony are an organic whole, form curved surface entity compound modelling mode, realize the operation between curved surface and substance, realize the model that assumes part of complex form of meaning of 90 tools technology to design thereby. Reach its to connecting rod model the modelling of antrum can use the hypostatic modelling method that is based on a feature. (2) connecting rod is three-dimensional and hypostatic the is based on a feature hypostatic modelling function that modelling provides according to software, get the structural measure of connecting rod, its molding process: Draft of scale radical noumenon, namely two circles 40, 80 circular arc R250 is cut outside reaching, it is two round clip circular arc, apply drawing to add next makings generate unplug modular rake is 5! , ply is the stage of protruding of size of matrix; drawing of 10mm, scale protruding uses the method with umbriferous curve to get hypostatic border when stage draft, apply blank space to bolt quick menu attacks next hold sketch of scale of the centre of a circle, unplug modular rake is changeless, respectively drawing obtains indentation of stage of protruding of size of protruding stage; to use rotate to be obtained respectively except the method of makings, notice its rotate the axis is a space the scale of basic system indentation can use linear; equidistant deflection command, the method with umbriferous curve is obtained, round to its horn transfers processing; presses requirement round horn to transfer to spare parts substance processing, obtain model of connecting rod substance. (It is OK that 3) divides what the model makes forging die of mould antrum connecting rod pitch to generate use two kinds of methods that distribute a model: Use Boer operation to generate mould antrum; to use mould cent tool to divide modular processing directly. The order distributing a model that uses CAXA to make an engineer offer distributes a model, can reach to modelling feature model antrum parameter has an edition, and after applying Boer operation to distribute a model model antrum spare parts forms whole, tree of spare parts feature disappears automatically, structural feature cannot be revised. Distribute the mould after the model is handled speech. (4) coordinate system is changed by knowable, divide modular hind antrum and department of coordinate of connecting rod spare parts to compare, z axis way is opposite. The change after coordinate fastens minute of model is right model antrum itself does not have an influence, but affect those who machine orbit to generate emulate with treatment. Direction of axis of Z of department of coordinate of model of emulation demand of automatic process designing and CNC Machining and way of axis of machine tool Z are same. Because this must is opposite model the transition that antrum has coordinate system. Will model antrum model is put additionally for. X-tparasolid format file, build a file to use next merge into the file that the file commands to the input a moment ago was saved. X-t format file, in the choice in inputting diagnostic dialog box current part U inputs a spare parts, locate the dot chooses to fasten origin in coordinate, orientation way chooses to give corner coming back to spend, input angle is worth 180, can make former coordinate fastens Z axis to get retrorse processing. CAM3 of forging die of 3 connecting rod.

CAXA of 1 treatment means makes an engineer offer a variety of treatment way for spare parts CNC Machining, the craft of the structural characteristic according to connecting rod forging die antrum and CNC Machining asks, rough machining uses contour line rough machining, finish machining uses contour line precision work. Parameter of contour line rough machining. Dosage of cutting of parameter of treatment of watch of parameter of contour line rough machining machines direction to arrange rotate speed of mill main shaft 1500 tall 2 slow fast next knife speed 50 row spacing 2 cut cut join rate be sure to of annulus of 800 cutting mode cuts rate the 400 join between travel withdraw knife rate point-blank 1000 treatment are ordinal Z.

1 safe height 50 mental allowance 0.

8 slow fast next knives are apart from type of 15 area cutting to carry knife cutting mixes the distance that retreat a knife X=0 of 15 initial drop coordinate, y=0, z=80 cuts way type of perpendicular semifinished product consults parameter of model cutting tool is other parameter not radius of cutting tool of mould of type of spare parts of milling cutter of ball of D10 of set knife sign one's name antrum radius of horn of knife of 5 treatment border 5 the smallest the biggest. 3.

2 treatment contrail emulates the treatment method according to make choice of of forging die antrum, according to the relevant treatment parameter that inputs contour line rough machining and requirement, make choice of machines a model, pass the data computation of the computer, fast graph shows make cutting tool contrail and way of cutting tool cutting. Contrail of rough machining of contour line of connecting rod forging die. Machine the substance of the process to emulate along with junior travel antrum, emulation process. 3.

3The design that the central task of the CAD/CAM function that NC code creates CAXA to produce an engineer depends on using 3D model through CNC Machining and the setting that machine craft parameter, generate contrail of spare parts cutting tool, become its disperse the knife next dot, via postposition processing generates the G code that matchs with photograph of CNC Machining system, namely CNC Machining program. Machine program of share of rough machining of connecting rod forging die is as follows: O1001(lgxqm.



114Y- 5.






054F800N22G03X- 70.




430F400N4684G01Z- 4.


After 000N4688M05N4690M30CNC Machining program is generated, can be emulated through CNC Machining and NC code reads desired result to process G code instead. According to real need, still can make treatment craft detailed list, cutting tool expresses the handling time with computational spare parts, can raise manufacturing management efficiency and level effectively. 4 epilogue use CAXA to create CAD/CAM function of the engineer, can design model of substance of connecting rod forging die antrum well and truly, pass the setting of processing of machine tool postposition and CNC Machining parameter, generate CNC MachiningNC code, raised forging die antrum to design, production efficiency and precision, showed touchdown to shorten design and make cycle of mould antrum, make mould design got new development with production technology. CNC Milling