The long-distance network that promotes numerical control machine tool manufacturing efficiency serves platform

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High accuracy of large-scale, much breed, high speed, compound model the direction that informatization treatment is industry of prospective CNC Machining, and should come true these reliable, efficient, the news service platform that can expand is indispensable. The OnService long-distance network that is based on Internet and Ethernet technology development served platform to solve this problem well, developed to monarch to network to CNC Machining industry a new channel. What in recent years domestic CNC Machining produces is large-scale change and those who machine product breed is ceaseless update the trend with switch, the quickness numerical control that promoted machining spot changes a course. In the meantime, intense commodity price competition makes bitter fleabane break out exhibit medium CNC Machining production to face the challenge that how promotes the spot manufacturing efficiency again. Efficiency of CNC Machining industry changes the pursuit of CNC Machining industry to efficiency, will promote numerical control machine tool the treatment from the tradition is mechanical to have data to deliver at the same time, of the function such as network communication compound model the change with informatization mechanical treatment. And should implement this kind of change, need to have this kind of function besides itself of numerical control system outside, still need to be able to prop up a large number of information to be delivered in real time, the network platform that undertakes administrative to data. Distinction at before through stringing together buccal data communication establishs a network, limited company of science and technology of Shanghai Xi Chuanxin breath offerred brand-new solution -- subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy serves the telenet of numerical control machine tool that is based on Internet and Ethernet technology platform OnService. OnService uses Internet and Ethernet technology, the Ethernet communication function of itself of system of numerical control of have the aid of, build a platform of telenet sth resembling a net that covers the whole world, the long-range monitoring that realizes pair of numerical control machine tools thereby and change remotely to what production manages, come true then compound model informatization is machined and serve, promote the production of numerical control machine tool efficiency. OnService efficient solution is in a factory the Ethernet interface of equipment of numerical control of spot have the aid of, each class number that the client of OnService this locality that compose builds enterprise interior LAN; to install through producing a management center carries software to get numerical control machine tool occupies information: If run state, call the police program of information, of all kinds parameter, PLC, machine program, at the same time OK also if produce plan and machine program to wait for the numerical control equipment that conveys to be appointed arbitrarily, manufacturing management center of all kinds production dictates, implementation is right the long-range management center that the administrative; of the monitoring of equipment of all couplet net numerical control inside the factory and production installs OnService long-range client to carry software produces a management center to apply for to manage accredit to the factory through Internet, equipment monitoring, breakdown can be offerred to diagnose to manufacturing site after getting corresponding limits of authority, safeguard debug and produce a variety of services such as management. OnService has a lot of outstanding characteristics, it is the advanced sex of the concept above all, use Ethernet technology compose to build LAN, transmission rate amounts to 10/100Mb/s, the production of the long-range monitoring that transmits; what realize mass data to use Internet technology at numerical control equipment directly quickly and CNC Machining industry manages, make produce management and the limitation that serve to break time and space thoroughly. It is the security of data next, software itself has account management function, obtain software to use accredit user ability to start user of software; accredit to undertake managing by different levels only, all data all pass the information; that the software user ability that obtains enough authorization only sees corresponding level add close transmit. Finally, it is the dependability that its operate, the accredit; that any operations that long-range client carries the accredit; that must acquire numerical control facility first in the light of any operations of numerical control equipment must obtain this locality client to carry first involves the instruction of movement of numerical control equipment to must be given out by the spot. The production that manufacturer of equipment of some numerical control uses OnService at the enterprise runs the representative application of OnService and after service. This company sets company headquarters and a branch in home at present and be absent a city, its client spreads all over countrywide each district. Subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy serves the OnService telenet that limited company of science and technology of Shanghai Xi Chuanxin breath develops for its platform application plan is as follows: This company establishs OnService long-range service center in company headquarters, in the production of branch and client the management center installed client of OnService this locality to carry software, the work that can complete has: ① opened the attributive of equipment monitoring to company headquarters as a result of the branch, headquarters is OK the moving state of all numerical control equipment inside workshop of branch of real time monitoring, once equipment appears,call the police or breakdown, the technical personnel of headquarters instantly accord is direct, below the condition that allows in the spot even can debug numerical control equipment remotely directly, lowered fault rate thereby, reduced breakdown time, improved manufacturing efficiency. ② opened the attributive of manufacturing management to company headquarters as a result of the branch, company headquarters can inquire the in finished state that produces a plan at present at any time, can adjust production to plan according to client order. Improving administrative efficiency while but fast and corresponding the numerical control equipment that client of ③ of client demand; buys happens call the police or when breakdown, can put forward to serve application to the long-range service center of this company through OnService instantly. The technical personnel of long-range service center is opposite instantly after the corresponding authorization that receives a client call the police or breakdown equipment undertakes be diagnosticed remotely, search an account. If be parameter setting to program is undeserved, undeserved undertake be debugginged remotely directly below the condition that allows in the client, if,can solve problem; besides the trouble that problem of such as machinery causes, can be aimed at a reason to undertake an analysis first through be being diagnosed remotely, taking corresponding fittings and tool to be handled to the spot again next. The course is used, company headquarters and branch share technology and administrative natural resources completely, make the talent of the company and technical advantage scored the play of utmost, after equipment manages centrally, fault rate also dropped 30% , breakdown processing time decreased on average 40% , decreased to jockey greatly time. And OnService makes the manufacturing plan government of the company more elaborate and agile, the paroxysmal order of OK and fast corresponding client, after service is more perfect, but fast and the after service requirement of well and truly corresponding client, do not need to be away on official business the after service that can handle explain accuse by before the 25% promotion when serving hot line correspondence arrive 80% , alone this save tens of 10 thousand yuan cost every year. Professional, efficient after service makes a client more trustful the product of the company, buy 2 times of the client lead apparent promotion. Article origin: Limited company of science and technology of Shanghai Xi Chuanxin breath CNC Milling