"Be gone against and go " extruder of extrahigh voltage odd screw

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Machine canister is exterior of add shrinkage fitting buy, the pressure that makes keep very low inside machine canister to prevent material degradation, the basic characteristic that this is traditional and plastic extruder, however, the extruder of extrahigh voltage odd screw that what one kind goes against his to and go invent on field at present, not only geometrical compression ratio is as high as 10-120, and in machine canister exterior replaced with cooling device add shrinkage fitting buy. Tradition of bottleneck of traditional extruder technology is plastic extruder all is to be in machine canister is exterior with add shrinkage fitting buy to undertake ability works heating, in whole job process, force of internal pressure of extruder machine canister is very small, geometrical compression ratio is in commonly 5 times the following, can make chemical stock generation is heated up oneself otherwise, the temperature that brings about extruder crosses high yield to give birth to degradation of high polymer material, especially the material with the poor thermal stability such as PVC. Accordingly, can fall in low-pressure condition only, rely on to lengthen melt model to change time to undertake be squeezinged adagio going out machining. The profile of organic stannum beautiful type that from the Suzhou Hua Su that the author is in factory of profile of plastic limited company machines observes on 65 awl double equipment, the chemical stock that is machined enters mould mouth to squeeze from mouth of feed in raw material go out to want to be in 8 minutes commonly above. Even if the most advanced double screw extruder on use international, when processing PVC data, PVC is primitive the refine of small area nucleus opens degree to also can be in only 65% the following, and for HCL of keep within limits decompose, still need to add many hot stabilizing agent in the recipe, the quality that causes PVC goods is affected badly. In addition, cut to rise below low-pressure condition, the effect that mix refine, make to the design of extruder raised a very slashing requirement: The clearance between two screw should control double screw extruder in 0.

2mm left and right sides. These ask the production difficulty that causes extruder is tall, cost rises quickly also. By Wu Shuang the structure of screw extruder already decided screw and machine canister between wear away, and this and should maintain two screw between 0.

2mm clearance formed a pair of contradiction again. Because want to produce offspring of period of time only, by Wu Luo between lever and machine canister wear away, the clearance between two screw can be increased necessarily, should make sure product quality had be toed be opposite screw and machine canister have repair or change, this not only increased maintenance cost, and quality of chemical to stability building materials also increased difficulty. Chemical building materials is a kind of use is very extensive but resource of second birth sex, meanwhile, the production of chemical building materials squeezes a technology to fall apparently however after. The promotion of plastic door window used PVC to show this one issue adequately. Talk heat preservation energy-saving effect, PVC plastic window is product of energy-saving architectural first selection, but the ageing of window of PVC plastic door is out of shape the phenomenon happens from time to tome, squeeze a technology at present to solve these problems still hard. Principle of job of extrahigh voltage extruder now, extruder of lever of Chan Luo of a kind of superhigh pressure already developed on field: Cancel machine canister external add shrinkage fitting buy, cooling plant is set on the machine canister of extruder, screw, give the particular character of chemical stock according to be being squeezed, design the geometrical compression ratio of extruder in the tall fold of 10-120, according to the discretion of temperature of attrition of machine canister, screw, chemical stock, set 30-1500 turns / the appropriate screw rotate speed of cent. Cancel extruder machine canister external add shrinkage fitting buy, set cooling plant on the machine canister of extruder, screw, the is worth normally more than temperature that eliminates chemical stock to fall to arise to machine canister, screw in high-pressured attrition, through controlling cooling amount, control temperature inside normal working range, the chemical stock that is pushed to go out is between machine canister and screw, the solid body that forms a superhigh pressure carries a place of strategic importance, right now, between chemical stock and screw, between chemical stock and machine canister, fall in the condition of extrahigh voltage between chemical stock and chemical stock, undertake attrition and produce quantity of heat, force chemical stock to be changed in model of the melt inside short time, undertake be cuttinged effectively below extrahigh voltage, mix refine. Freeboard extrusion gives extruder of odd screw of superhigh pressure of plane dominant position, do not need completely when moving normally to heat, rely on the mechanical energy that screw rotates, the solid body that leans chemical stock tall fold is carried, make pressure is formed between screw and machine canister, force stock to chafe below the condition of extrahigh voltage, cut, mix refine, change in model of the melt inside very short time. Extruder of extrahigh voltage odd screw is used at when mixing refine to build bead, chemical stock needs to make an appointment with only in the time of high temperature area 0.

1 second; With at squeeze piece when shaping, chemical stock makes an appointment with 20 seconds in the time of high temperature area, the chemical product that this makes heat quick sex differ to treatment is very advantageous. For example: The treatment temperature of the PVC material that did not add model is between 180-220 ℃ , and the HCL of PVC material is decomposed began in 120 ℃ above, begin a large number of decomposing to HCL of 160 ℃ above, but of HCL decompose a quantity to be in by PVC material the decision of time length place of high temperature area. Practice operates a proof, PVC maintains 1 minute below 280 ℃ or 2 minutes maintain below 220 ℃ , HCL decomposes a quantity to be inside normal limits, this shows with extrahigh voltage sheet screw extruder produces the product of the PVC material that did not add model, stock has 20 seconds only in the time of high temperature area, of HCL disclose an amount small negligible not plan, this is OK from go up at all solve by machine area at PVC material particularly narrow and a lot of brought difficulty issues, return what improved PVC product substantially to be able to bear or endure await function. In the meantime, of extruder of odd screw of You Wuchao high pressure squeeze a pressure tall, PVC stock chafes below extrahigh voltage, cut, the effect that mix refine is good, make of PVC material primitive refine of small area nucleus opens degree to be as high as 95% above, this has crucial effect to increasing the mechanical strength of PVC goods. Be You Wuchao extruder of high-pressured odd screw has afore-mentioned characteristics, particularly big, element measures the viscosity of labour of particularly comfortable Wu Jia that make particularly expensive chemical stuff, be like CPVC colophony. Viscosity of CPVC resinous treatment is PVC resinous at least 2 times, treatment difficulty is particularly great, but the use temperature of CPVC goods, be able to bear or endure chemical stability, fight ageing sex to reach flame retardant disappear smoke sex exceeds PVC, can be able to bear or endure with Wu Hua labour lukewarm, anti-corrosive conduit, hot conduit, wu Kaifa level handles on international at present, it is sure to make the new trend that plastic industry grows, foreground is inestimable. Extruder of extrahigh voltage odd screw by at squeeze a pressure tall, it is not sensitive condition to making the chemical stuff with treatment particularly old viscosity reflect, appear handy. In addition, of extruder of extrahigh voltage odd screw cut, it is particularly good that the model that mix refine turns the result, qualitative density of material of chemical building materials is high, mechanical intensity twice rises, the surface is bright and clean degree can achieve 90 the left and right sides, brightness of surface of chemical building materials is like lens, any contamination cannot be permeated, brush after clean, improved the mechanical performance of chemical building materials already, increased product class again. Extruder of extrahigh voltage odd screw can make chemical stock is changed in the model inside very short time, shape, effectively keep within limits the hot degradation phenomenon that chemical stock adds man-hour in high temperature, make produce chemical building materials thereby be able to bear or endure await function to rise substantially, can produce chemical building materials of color. You Wusheng produces time very short, make the temperature harm to lubricious dye little, by at squeeze a pressure big, the inorganic pigment with particularly poor fluidity is joined in the recipe (wait like iron oxide red of carbon black, oxidation) also the awl with common unlike double ask to pressing of be in harmony that Mo is special, can assure to squeeze the chromatic chemistry building materials in going out so not thickener does not fade. 30% what extruder of extrahigh voltage odd screw decomposes to HCL of keep within limits, need not use even, by at hot stabilizing agent little or need not, decrease or eliminated the lead in chemical building materials, cadmium to pollute, make chemical building materials accomplishs green environmental protection truly. Extruder of extrahigh voltage odd screw is good from clean function. By at squeeze a pressure big, even if the freeboard member with manufacturing particularly old viscosity measures colophony, also won't appear chemical stock sticks the machine canister, phenomenon that sticks screw, if our factory produces profile of different of PVC plastic window, can measure with the element only relatively low 5 model PVC colophony, but extruder of odd screw of use superhigh pressure can use freeboard element to measure S-1300 colophony, make all technology index of profile of different of PVC plastic window can have relatively rise substantially. Quantity of PVC resinous element heals tall, stability of sex of the vitrification temperature of goods, mechanical function, cold-resistant, heat-resisting is taller, and the solubility in solvent is smaller. This explains, using an element to measure expensive chemical stuff is to raise chemical building materials the foundation of each technology index, but whether the chemical material with manufacturing element high volume, decide Wu Sheng produces the advanced rate of equipment. The height of quality of chemical building materials that extruder of extrahigh voltage odd screw produces is stable, the product quality of the production when just switching on the mobile phone and the product quality that switch on the mobile phone a few days continuously can accomplish height to agree, product n is as high as 95% above. CNC Milling