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Summary: Pass the analysis of the definition method of semifinished product of pair of PowerMILL software CNC Machining, summary gives the method of 5 kinds of definitions below different situation and skill, apply in what differ to forging respectively in mould and different treatment situation, reduce empty knife thereby, improve the efficiency of CNC Machining. Ink Media=screen Href="http://e-cuttech.


Preface of Css" Type=text/css Rel=stylesheet> pursues 1 graph 2 graphs 3 graphs 5 graphs 6 graphs should have above all in 7 effective treatment or substance of square or round semifinished product material exists, machine a mould figure that you need next. CNC Machining of imitate of NC treatment software and effective treatment photograph are similar, also want to plan a semifinished product above all euqally in NC software treatment, because the pattern of treatment is different, semifinished product nature is so different also, define semifinished product to facilitate, powerMILL software prepared the definition method of a few kinds of semifinished product, after through having semifinished product to showing the definition is analysed, combine actual application, derive goes out to have personalized semifinished product more very much. Can make full use of the area that the choice of semifinished product will come to achieve choice CNC Machining. Click advocate the dialog box that the semifinished product in tool column defines icon occurrence semifinished product. 1, the defines methodological pane semifinished product definition method of pane semifinished product is very simple, one kind is to input a model to click computation in semifinished product dialog box, semifinished product arose, and the size with module is same. Another kind can the numerical value that the hand changes input X, Y, Z produces rectangular semifinished product. Although the generation of this pane semifinished product looks,be like simple, but what comparative in applying actually is agile, can have all sorts of change, produce the rectangular semifinished product of different specifications. 1.

The 1 face element that through choosing the random on the model curved surface produces semifinished product to choose your place to need on the model, click semifinished product to produce the computation in the dialog box, can produce the semifinished product that you want namely. Graph 2 be chose a mould only model the semifinished product that antrum part produces. 1.

The 2 semifinished product that are like fructification border through changing a dialog box to expand the numerical value of area changes semifinished product are older than the model, the numerical value of patulous area in can revising left dialog box will increase the size of semifinished product, if pursue 3 it is a semifinished product in the dialog box patulous area adapts the semifinished product after be 20mm. 1.

The 3 adjustment that carry semifinished product arrowhead changes semifinished product to adopt computational generation and model exactly like after semifinished product, click semifinished product, the 6 blue produced on the face two-way arrowhead in semifinished product, can adjust arbitrarily arrowhead, change the size of semifinished product, graph 4 adjusted namely the semifinished product that mould lock handles, because of lock need not CNC Machining, the adjustment that relies on semifinished product can choose the area of treatment arbitrarily. Graph 41.

4 through above union of a few kinds of methods is used change semifinished product a few kinds of methods can be used alternately, OK also on the foundation of the first kind of method adjustment arrowhead narrows further semifinished product. Direction of X, Y, Z can adjust arbitrarily. If pursue 5, if the mould is local,burn-in, should machine only local, so semifinished product can arise only through adjusting burn-in the semifinished product of place. 2, this method is machining the definition method of graphical semifinished product cannot use directly in software, the PowerSHAPE of graphical editor module in must wanting to use Delcam will produce file of a graph to keep existence computer inside, transfer into in PowerMILL treatment next use directly, because this does the person of treatment to use this method rarely only commonly, but this method also has it characteristic, below the use that introduces this method simply. 2.

File of 1 generation graph opens PowerSHAPE software to input a model, the random in choosing a model next or a few elements, click advocate the file in tool column, the choice leaves the output in pulling menu, occurrence output dialog box, the choice saves method to change after saving type and file name, affirm can. If pursue,the face element of 6 choices marks with red, the file protects existence desktop, file name is graphical semifinished product. 2.

After graphical semifinished product clicks semifinished product icon, 2 generation produce semifinished product dialog box, click by... definition -- on the right side of pane option be down arrowhead to choose a figure, choose the folder icon of right again, if pursue,the document of graphical semifinished product that finds a desktop to save is opened 7 produced graphical semifinished product. Can click semifinished product, appear in Z direction shrink put blue arrow, the semifinished product after the direction that adjusts arrowhead undertakes shrinking putting on Z direction, if pursue 8 it is the result after the negative direction drawing that is worth in Z adjusts the norms of semifinished product. From the graph of generation semifinished product can see, no matter whether the graph of your choice is dimensional graph or planar graph,be, produce planar semifinished product, and be generation was in at 0 o'clock in what coordinate Z is worth; 2 be not only can produce a figure the semifinished product of each different, and produce two at the same time or the semifinished product of many mutual independence, this sees chosen figure count and decide, this function is the result that pane semifinished product cannot achieve. The 3 appearance that are this semifinished product are the figure that chooses with place what go up in coordinate XY plane is umbriferous and same, cannot magnify arbitrarily or narrow, z value direction is OK and only adjustable. 3, the triangular semifinished product with the definition so called method of triangular semifinished product is not appearance of true make it triangle, however one kind makes a way just, it also is to must want to use the graph in Delcam to edit module PowerSHAPE to produce file of a triangle to keep existence computer inside, transfer into in PowerMILL treatment next use directly. An example is done to show its use below, graph 9 left it is the three-dimensional model that partial forge rolling die provides, in producing a course actually, already make it the round base of 1/4, so treatment must be machined on machine tool of vertical numerical control, for spare handling time, the semifinished product of the definition wants and actual conform to, must use definition of triangular semifinished product so. Graph 9nextpage method is the appearance generation according to this mould a substance, output next save, if pursue 9 right use 3 formative method to produce a figure above all namely. Click the output in menu is being pulled below the file next, give out save method, change file name, find the Delcam in saving a type to machine a triangle to affirm can. Graph 10 graphs 11 graphs 12 graphs after 15 graphs attacked semifinished product icon at 17 o'clock, 14 plans emerge semifinished product dialog box, click by... definition -- on the right side of pane option be down arrowhead to choose a triangle, choose the folder icon of right again, if pursue,the document of triangular semifinished product that finds a desktop to save is opened 10 produced triangular semifinished product. This method also can produce the semifinished product of any appearance, the three-dimensional model that wants to be able to be made only can, but file of semifinished product of this triangle in the process that using must maintain the project of existence PowerMILL one case, cannot save independently. 4, the semifinished product of definition method border of attrib border semifinished product is very agile, want attrib border presence only, that semifinished product can arise according to border, however the method of attrib border generation is very much, the graph in can using Delcam edits module PowerSHAPE to produce border, also can produce border directly in PowerMILL, here does not introduce the method of attrib border generation in detail, the chapter feast from the back arranges detailed introduction. 4.

1 aleatoric and individual border produces semifinished product to activation a certain border that has existed, at this moment this border is white, the border that did not activation is pink. If pursue 11. Among them white activation is attrib border, it is the border hooking a picture with an irregular appearance. The border that additionally pink semifinished product has module volume, model antrum and the local border in the attrib border, handsome still antrum that the storehouse opens partly. Optional after a border activations, click dialog box of semifinished product of the generation after semifinished product icon, click by... definition -- on the right side of pane option be down arrowhead to choose border, if pursue,semifinished product arose 12. With the graph semifinished product can produce a planar semifinished product only euqally, adjust next through alternating Z is worth the height of semifinished product. 4.

Because can activation only every time,2 many border produce semifinished product at the same time a border, can produce a semifinished product only so, to want to produce many semifinished product at the same time, that is about to undertake editing handling to border. Graph 13 in software advocate of screen left have a resource government implement there are 4 borders in menu is being pulled below medium border, can give attrib border rechristen. Random is amalgamative two border (there cannot be across and jackknife between border) activation after a border, press Ctrl key, mouse wrong key is clicked be mixed and in activation border procrastinating after border, can incorporate already attrib border. 1, 2 border are amalgamative, again 4, 2 border are amalgamative. The method that the semifinished product of the attrib border generation after incorporating produces a semifinished product together is same, narrate no longer. The many semifinished product of generation are shown 14 times like the graph, edit the Z value of semifinished product again while processing hind can realize many semifinished product, machine. If the result of the semifinished product the generation after 3 semifinished product are amalgamative is like,pursue 15: 5, the defines methodological cylinder semifinished product generation method of cylinder semifinished product has two kinds, one kind is PowerMILL the parameter computation generation with the definition necessary input that uses semifinished product uses triangular semifinished product another kind to have a definition namely. 5.

After graph of cylinder semifinished product attacked semifinished product icon at 16 o'clock, generation of 1 parameter computation produces semifinished product dialog box, click by... define -- the dialog box appears on the right side of pane option after arrowhead chooses cylinder downward, fill in next parameter, semifinished product arises automatically, accept can. What parameter fills in to want very simply to explain is semifinished product the generation in wanting the coordinate in activation to fasten, semifinished product is met according to activation coordinate different and mobile, special attention wants when be being used accordingly the shift of semifinished product, the shift that should control semifinished product is OK the lock with a medium dialog box decides pushbutton to be locked up dead. The semifinished product after that coordinate shift alternates won't as shift. Graph the 17 example that machine forge rolling die to provide on bedroom CNC Milling namely, the semifinished product that produces in this example uses triangular semifinished product to arise namely. The generation method of these 5 kinds of semifinished product has advantages and disadvantages each, very it's hard to say simple become reconciled uses that method, it is good to should be helpful for machining only. Additional of the dialog box of semifinished product below the shadow rate that slide block of a diaphaneity uses control semifinished product (from transparent to opaque) . 6, every kinds of NC machines the last word the specification of software is a few the basiccest treatment methods, and it is current treatment method, in applying actually, the mould characteristic summary that must combine treatment gives the personalized method that suits this unit, ability improves treatment efficiency, the effect of get twice the result with half the effort. CNC Milling