The pipe fitting of much axis numerical control that is based on a stage to amount to 20PM solders machine

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Summary: In brief introduction much axis numerical control solders on the foundation of the principle. Key discussion uses a stage to amount to inside the 20PM series PLC that embeds motion to control a function, the platform of interpolation of eccentric of 3 axes helix that realizes solder to receive orbit is controlled, give out software process designing. Keyword: DVP20PM00D motion controls numerical control of interpolation of 3 axes helix to solder 1 foreword solders is the commonnest metallic join craft. The numerical control of steel tube pipe fitting solders with what be in charge of at Chan Gengang with branch steel tube solder, implement the automation of process, to soldering the accurate treatment of craft has very important sense. The core problem that numerical control of steel tube pipe fitting solders is control of contrail of solder contact sports, equipment exterior is shown 1 times like the graph. Numerical control welding torch asks according to craft treatment 2 axes motion dominates implementation fluctuation from beginning to end. Platform of clamping apparatus of numerical control pipe fitting is used at securing the steel tube that need solders, itself can do monaxial horizontal to rotate, at the same time platform itself can be on X-Y plane, make X standard, y is perpendicular the motion that reachs circular arc, make control of 3 axes sport. The article with platform of clamping apparatus of numerical control pipe fitting design of control of 3 axes sport is given priority to, gentle to welding torch water perpendicular solder not to grant give uncecessary details. Graph 1 numerical control solders machine craft of 2 numerical control is analysed 2.

Solder of steel tube of 1 sheet root accepts the order root steel tube solders simpler, need intermediate clamping apparatus to make one circular motion only can, this motion names for homocentric circle, if pursue,2 are shown. Graph 2 odd root steel tube solder 2.

2 branch steel tube solders graph 3 be branch steel tube solder, soldering in the process, ask intermediate clamping apparatus wants to make circular motion not only, base X-Y, platform also wants synchronism to rotate reversely, ability finishs those who divide a steel tube to solder, this motion names for eccentric, system of demand numerical control realizes the helix interpolation of 3 axes, if pursue,4 are shown. Eccentric solder conforms to control complex degree slashly to be more than homocentric round contrail far. Graph of 3 branch steel tube solder graph Nextpage320PM motion controls the contrail of interpolation of 3 axes helix of welding torch of 4 numerical control PLC solution 3.

1 motion controls stage of PLC brief introduction to amount to DVP-20PM00D is one has what motion controls special function to be able to make up Cheng controller. The biggest characteristic of DVP-20PM00D is PLC lead plane provides electronic cam function directly, perhaps say DVP-20PM00D is inside the PLC of function of buy electron cam, some places are so direct appellation DVP-20PM00D amounts to 20PM motion controller for the stage. 20PM has the input of 2 500KHz and output, in electronic cam function definition X axis is from the axis, coder inputs an axis to give priority to an axis, after defining good CAM Table, the curve that defines from axial basis follows main shaft moves. Use configuration of high speed double CPU, use independent CPU to handle motion to control algorithm, can realize all sorts of athletic contrail control, logistic movement control well, linear / control of circular arc interpolation, pipe fitting of much axis numerical control solders machine the electronic cam function that used 20PM motion controller just about solved the problem such as complex contrail control very well. The main characteristic of 20PM: (1) 20PM applies to high speed, high accuracy, Gao Fu's miscellaneous motion to control a circumstance; (2) multistage fast carry out reach discontinue fixed position; (3) 64K high capacity, buy Flash stores inside body; (5) output of two groups of pulse that need branch, highest pulse output amounts to 500KHz; (6) two groups of hands shake round of control; (7) inside function of buy electron cam, relaxed implementation winds a string, fly cut, chase after cut wait for application; (8) logistic control and NC control supportive PLC order (G code and M code) . 3.

Total control program employed solution of 2 sport control two stages amount to 20PM series motion to control PLC, among them 20PM00M is connotation the PLC of the athletic control function of 3 axes, platform of implementation workpiece clamping apparatus 3 axes are complex helix interpolation eccentric solders orbit, to groovy PLC it is complete it is adv unimaginably. Principle of wiring of graph 5 20PM00M 3.

3 motion control the G code function that process designing 20PM supports to be as follows: G0 high speed locates; G1 double axis or 3 axes linkage are linear interpolation; Interpolation of G2 clockwise arc (position of set the centre of a circle) ; Interpolation of G3 anticlockwise circular arc (position of set the centre of a circle) ; Interpolation of G2 clockwise arc (set radius length) ; Interpolation of G3 anticlockwise circular arc (set radius length) ; G4 stays a time; All of G90 set world coordinate system; G91 set is opposite coordinate system. DVP20PM characteristic. Capacity of 64K pace program, program of 100 paragraphs of exercise, satisfy different treatment requirement; Can install contrail of 100 kinds of motion most in 20PM, use the program capacity of 64K at the same time, the G of all sorts of different moving curves that implement need beforehand piles up memory to be in PLC, when need machines some kind of norms, can use screen of text monitor, feeling to wait will call. Those who support G code is direct collect, after the G that should use CAM software to make text form is piled up, can use PMSOFT in collecting menu to assemble PLC exercise program directly. Also can pass HMI, use U dish guide the G of text format is piled up. Supportive hand shakes round of application, can do a few manual to adjust. Have electronic origin to return mode, origin was joined to remember a function in 20PM memory, want set only electronic origin, although equipment cuts off the power, in next time electrify hind also can find origin place easily. Can connect EH2 lead plane and all augment module, 20PM can be configured neatly, technical fixed position can regard as in order to receive patulous module after EH2 lead plane, also can do the special function module such as the imitate quantity that gives priority to machine join other. Supportive PLC ordinal language and fixed position language (G code and M are piled up) , realized a of general PLC and numerical control technology perfect union. Emulate a function what configure athletic contrail from the line, this function is used to be able to check athletic program to whether be put in the problem before be machined actually, can solve in time reduce mistake happening, refer to next graphs. Nextpage4 eccentric solders orbit process designing 4.

Initialization of 1 electrify parameter X, y, the mechanical parameter of Z, reach the fluctuation axis of welding torch, mechanical parameter fills around axis to be like in relevant setting register (D1818, d1820, d1898 D1900; ) , if pursue,6 are shown. Graph initialization of 6 electrify parameter 4.

2 hands traverse accuses a hand to move control X, y, z axis, reach the fluctuation axis of welding torch, around axis. Change the hand of each axis first if the graph is shown 7 times,the parameter such as speed writes relevant register. Graph 8 move a command to put the order related 5 axes for handle register. Those who need an attention is 20PM00M controller of 3 axes motion is lead plane, controller of two axes motion regards 20PM00D as patulous module, the communication between them passes FROM, TO instruction undertakes reading writing. The CR0-CR199 of lead plane, corresponding and patulous D1500-D1599. Graph 7 hands move speed parameter to pursue 8 hands move command parameter 4.

3 automata use recipe function, be like a recipe 1, for workpiece 1, for homocentric circle, speed is 4, radius is 20, angle is 30, also namely D2000=1, d2002=40, , d2004=200, d2006=300, be like a recipe 2, for workpiece 2, for eccentric, speed is 4.

8, radius is 21, angle is 40, eccentric throw is 58, also namely D2000=2, d2002=48, , d2004=210, d2006=400, d2008=580 circulates in O100 the according to D2000 content value in the program, call subprogram of different athletic subprogram motion to share 4 kinds of D2000=1 respectively, call OX1, for homocentric round control, g00 ZD3000 FD3002(D3000 is a basis D3002 of angle radius computation is speed) D2000=2, call OX2, for eccentric control, g02 XD3010 YD3012 ZD3014 RD3016 FD3020(D3010, d3012 is a basis D3020 of coordinate of angle radius calculative is speed) D2000=3, call OX3, welding torch is perpendicular control D2000=4, call OX4, platform level motion can realize needs work through recipe function, for instance recipe 10, for workpiece 10, for eccentric, speed is 5.

8, radius is 31, angle is 60, eccentric throw is 50, also namely D2000=2, d2002=48, , d2004=310, d2006=600, if D2008=500 starts moving meeting to call relevant athletic subprogram and relevant parameter automatically, if pursue,9 are shown. Graph 9 automata the stage amounts to 5 last words DVP20PM00D product is have the PLC with logistic control and positional pilot powerful function at the same time, two axes and 3 axes motion control the OK and agile, high speed, accurate plane that finish, the control function with outstanding DVP20PM00D has good development prospect, machine of project of Yu Mu of OK and wide application, solder equipment of mechanical, cut and semiconductor treatment facilities are waited a moment, for example liquid crystal slicer, double axis establishs car, solder to receive orbit to accuse, the extensive Electromechanical such as machine of cut of drilling machine of numerical control of door of control of the contrail that nod glue, dragon, blaze dominates a field. CNC Milling