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Well-known, crawler walks is construction machinery basically walks one of means, be one of orgnaizations with the metal is most and very high price are used in construction machinery, wear away as a result of it at the same time acuteness, change very frequent, so pedrail walks the rehabilitate of the orgnaization has enormous economic benefits and social beneficial result, but must use socialization, specializationed production pattern, at the same time earnestly needs to clutch repair equipment and the development research that build art of go back to work, need with getting used to what this one socialization produces as soon as possible, because this walks to construction machinery pedrail,the rehabilitate of the orgnaization is begun discuss, research is very necessary. 1 have enormous economic benefits and social benefit card to be strapped especially product Beijing serves a ministry integratedly to have longer history in respect of pedrail orgnaization rehabilitate, repairing at the same time amount and repair quality respect to have an advantage. They are in consult write on large quantities of statistic data and the foundation that carry out experience civil point out: Purchase pedrail orgnaization to be tasted newly when needing 6 - 12 months, and repair time limit for a project needs a month only, can raise mechanical utilization rate greatly thereby; Repair cost is purchased only new 20 % - 40 % , and the service life after repair can be amounted to new 80 % , because this specification is engaged in pedrail orgnaization rehabilitate,the job can is user and repair an enterprise to bring enormous economic benefits at the same time. Pedrail orgnaization wears away when reaching operating limit, in its main part -- " 3 rounds of one belt " the surface abrasion 3 - 27mm, what grind a loss to go right now is complete belong to occupy only " 3 rounds of one belt " the 10 % of total mass are the following. If use,change new method, mean the 1 % that grinds a loss to go for this - 10 % metal beautiful abandon 90 % of the others - the metal that 99 % still can use, this is wasteful really; If use the method of repair, can be like this % - the metallic recycle of 99 % rises, this is very reasonable apparently, because of these metallic stuff from mining, carry, smelt, treatment should waste countless the sources of energy to finished product, want to produce incomputable harmful to the environment litter, the most important because mineral products resource is, is cannot reborn. The whole nation that held in September 1999 has many experts to write on conference of learning of the 9th mechanical maintenance civil point out, the mechanical maintenance mode of ZI century should be project of green machinery reproducing, point out at the same time " the recycle that the essential feature of mechanical maintenance is existing equipment, it has material of energy-saving, section, resource conservation, reduce raw material especially the important characteristic such as primary treatment, the character that has natural green project " . And traditional mill type maintenance produces work way to cannot be compared to it, the flow operation kind that has what make according to modern machinery only will transform machinery maintain a trade, the action ability of green project gets be developinged adequately. - " 3 rounds of one belt " repair because its output big, benefit apparent, craft is mature, fit the pattern that modern industry produces particularly, and had had successful precedent, the typical case that can pursue project of green machinery reproducing as us tries to popularize. This shows, the rehabilitate of pedrail orgnaization can obtain very big economic benefits not only, and it is to drive green machine reproducing project, implement the project of typical technical reformation that can develop policy continuously, should increase development to study strength, adopt measure actively to be popularized in the round. 2 should produce means organization to be in early by what specialization 70 time, a lot of large project machine repaired a factory to begin the rehabilitate of pedrail orgnaization to work, among them equipment compares perfect, craft to begin what stabilize quite relatively to have a railway ministry relative to more reasonable, business relatively machinery of bureau of the 2nd project repairs factory and railway ministry machine of bureau of the first project is built place repair a factory to wait. They use dynamoelectric spanner to tear open surface of rehabilitate of the outfit, v that bury arc, blaze to quench wait for craft, but be confined to the planned economy mode at that time, these repair a factory to build duplicate plant only almost bear the pedrail orgnaization of repaired construction machinery, repair job is consequently very few, at the same time repair life is very not good. Since 80 time, because construction job height is dispersive, and of mechanical maintenance commercialize development insufficient, these large machinery repair factory oneself atrophic with each passing day, the repair industry of pedrail orgnaization also subsequently with each passing day die out. After 80 time, factories of a few project machine major are in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing to waited for central city to establish center of a few maintenance early or late, included workshop of pedrail orgnaization rehabilitate among them. These repair workshops configured equipment of rehabilitate of foreign entrance, appropriative, used advanced, mature repair technology, repair quality is very good, repair service life is adjacent new the 80 % of a life, the price is reasonable also, manufacturing task is very so full, the repair shop that is in Beijing often sees even far deliver repair from Xinjiang: ' 3 rounds of one belt " , this indicates course of study begins a pedrail orgnaization rehabilitate flourishing. This declines to begin trade of rehabilitate of demonstrative pedrail orgnaization have vitality, its difference is organizing mode at production only. As long as according to specialization, the mode of socialization, and improve repair quality hard can change decline to promote. But, mere workshop of these a few rehabilitate, no matter its productivity and the requirement that distributinging limits can't satisfy the repair industry that spreads all over countrywide construction machinery far, suggest for this each are large machinery repairs a factory or construction machinery establishs workshop of pedrail orgnaization rehabilitate via hiring a company to clutch, affirmation can create favorable beneficial result for society and oneself. CNC Milling