Bearing quality decides machine tool function

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High accuracy, high rate, efficient bearing is the key that the machine tool has efficient treatment. Current, industry of Chinese machine tool is in forward " high speed, compound, nicety, intelligence and environmental protection " 5 respects develop, each new technology, new material, new technology will get applied extensively. The market is right the demand grow in quantity of machine tool of numerical control of big norms, large size, big tonnage; The client asks the machine tool can be had generally compound change, flexible change and the function such as much axis linkage. More important is, have high accuracy, high rate, efficient the machine tool product that waits for a characteristic will special get the favour of the market. Timken Fafnir exceeds accurate bearing well-known, the precision of main shaft bearing, quality is the crucial factor that affects main shaft performance. To how defining the accuracy class of an accurate bearing, ISO/ABEC (the committee of annular bearing project that ABEC belongs to for place of American bearing production association) the width common difference that defined group of inside and outside only, circularity, verticality, taper, axial beats and radial beats. And want to make machine tool main shaft implementation high accuracy, can high rate, tall stiffness and vibration are low calorific little demand, need pair of bearing itself more parameter undertake controlling. The ball bearing of precise role contact of the company is Tiemuken the parameter that the client increased ISO/ABEC place to was not defined, include preload public errand, function among them experiment, but date from sex and micron code, cleanness is spent, grade of raceway curvature, ball and circularity, surface is machined (function and blame function face) , rolled steel norms, cage matchs gentle design and installation pour horn to wait. Raised precise role to contact the quality of ball bearing product to the definition of these parameter, improved the performance of machine tool main shaft thereby. For example, the preload deviation amount that Timken Fafnir exceeds precise role to contact bearing is in 2 μ of ± M. However, this public errand of congener product inside course of study can be as high as ± 8 μ M, actual preload can be in the bearing that this will bring about preload of a name to be 560N between 178 ~ 980N. And prop up bearing to the ball guide screw of internal diameter 40mm for, too big preload error measures common difference in ± 8 μ M can bring about preload to be in ± 35% between change. From this, because deviation of bearing manufacturer preload is measured,avoided big and the scroll system that cause skids, calorific and the bearing damage that the system is uninstalled and causes, increased the time that the machine tool runs normally thereby. Before leave factory, exceed precise role to contact ball bearing to want to experiment through 100 percent function, through digital vibration filter wave analyses precise to exceeding role to contact ball bearing to undertake experimenting detecting, ensure bearing character and applied function. All test result is but retroactive. Cleanness is spent (Cleanliness) cleanness is spent crucial to accurate bearing product, if Fafnir exceeds accurate bearing component to want to clean 3h with multistage dissolvent commonly, avoid bearing of foreign matter interfuse thereby, prevent immanent contaminative cause. Additional, even the surface of blame job sex of grinding bearing, make sure bearing does not have foreign matter before leave factory. Consequently, bearing product of production can increase a machine tool normal movement time. In the meantime, in manufacturing process, technical personnel still controls the social estate of the curvature of raceway and uniformity and steel ball, reduced vibration, reduced calorific amount then. Cage (Cage) cage is very crucial to machine tool bearing, the function of cage can affect the stability that machine tool bearing rotates in high speed. The standard cage that the company produces Tiemuken uses data of phenolic aldehyde colophony, interior design and the public errand of clearance wrapping up aperture are tightened and control guiding surface, make sure cage is in high speed movement, lubricant reach dynamic when of stability best. The ball bearing of precise role contact that the company produces Tiemuken is Fafnir brand. Precise role contacts ball bearing to basically two kinds of structures devise way: The HX series of the WI series of tall tigidity and high rotate speed satisfies the requirement of different application. Design of bearing of Fafnir HX of basic, open mode has higher main shaft rate and bigger dynamic radial stiffness, because this main shaft can be inside shorter time cutting more material, assure exceedingly good finished product public errand at the same time. These reforming is attributed to the perfect union of outline of unique ball system and raceway of accurate engineering design, promote treatment efficiency further with this. CNC Milling