Car engine checks intelligence of technical incline to to change

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The development of car technology depends on greatly the development of experiment technology. Domestic and international technical divisions has advanced test technology and whole experiment establishment at the Motor Corporation of lead position, have especially by quite the engine lab that quantitative testing stand wears composition. Numerous engine checks engine test index a the technology is car test technology main component, also be a the most complex part. When undertaking engine checks, undertake on appropriative testing stand commonly, call engine testing stand to wear, join through a few appropriative device secures engine testing stand to wear when the test go up and receive on the test has after wants report, gas, water, oil and require instrument equipment. Measure engine power sex and socioeconomic index to basically have: Power, torque, rotate speed, fuel is used up etc, the temperature of imports and exports of pressure of temperature of the power that there is engine in the parameter that engine convention measures in function experiment, torque, rotate speed, fuel wastage and specific fuel consumption, fuel, lube and temperature, inlet pressure and temperature, exhaust temperature and pressure, cooling water. All sorts of parameter of engine pass the sensor of all sorts of types to be measured in real time, the lab of contemporary Gao Shuiping can measure about a hundred parameter at the same time; Some parameter can be measured directly get, the parameter that some parameter need to arrive according to measuring and formula undertake computational reaching. Contemporary test equipment offers the aftertreatment of data commonly, can ask to provide the final processing result that wants data by the user, appear with the form such as form and curve. Commonly used equipment has in engine test measure result implement, appearance of oily bad news, control the actuator of engine accelerator and the sensor that all sorts of rotate speed, temperature, pressure measures and 2 appearance, useful still the discharge appearance that measures at all sorts of fluids, wait like air flowmeter, contemporary and advanced testing stand is worn mix commonly used equipment commonly measure instrument, meter compositive combination is on a console, use computer and control software the operating mode to engine (rotate speed and torque) undertake control and be handlinged. Car engine is the machine that high speed moves, in the process that is in sharp change like the temperature inside the crock and pressure about parameter, accordingly, the test instrument of requirement engine measures precision tall, respond fast, job reliable, the sensor that is located in engine interior is in high temperature, high pressure, high frequency shake reach the high speed that corrodes gas to erode in, working requirement is abominable, taller to its requirement. Measure result implement it is engine in the test the basiccest also be the most important equipment, the torque of engine is measured in engine experiment and be the dynamical changeover that engine gives out heat energy or electric energy, by the structure cent is hydraulic measure result implement, electric vortex flow is measured result implement measure with electric power result implement etc. The appearance of oily bad news that measures motor fuel to use up has cubage law, quality standard, discharge method to wait by test method, electronic-controlled benzine jet gasoline engine needs to use instrument of appropriative oily bad news, still have the dynamic fuel measurement unit that can measure continuously. The measurement of temperature and pressure uses thermocouple commonly or sensor and 2 appearance undertake. Engine test divides those who produce a course to detect the test with process of research and development. The equipment claimed accuracy that is used at producing a process to detect but slightly a few lower, metrical project is a few less also, but requirement test rate is rapid, auxiliary man-hour is little, use fast join device commonly. And the testing stand that studies development is used wears requirement equipment precision tall, survey a project much, collection data bulk is great. As the ceaseless progress that tests technology and computer technology, engine tests a technology already incline to is controlled at using the computer and the intelligence of data processing changes a test, not just automation of bureau be confined to, and the network that is test system. Our country engine checks a system to perfect the development as the technology increasingly, the test instrument equipment of engine already had the characteristic with accurate, delicacy and tall automation, already formed specialization manufacturing characteristic. Under photograph comparing, the difference of equipment of test of engine of our country car and abroad is apparent, and the manufacturer that home did not produce cycle engine basically to test equipment, the factory needs car engine oneself are bought measure result implement, all sorts of appearance of oily bad news, thermocouple, sensor and 2 appearance have a test, test process is manual operation basically, data relies on basically to be collected artificially with the aftertreatment, precision and efficiency are very low. In recent years, add the progress with the technology of crop quickly as domestic car engine, the demand that tests equipment to engine is bigger and bigger, the demand is higher and higher, make homebred engine checked equipment company to also get rapidder development. Carry transfer of technology and own development, jiangsu is opened measure measure result implement the test is become in limited company of technology of Electromechanical of Yi Ke of machinery plant of the peak austral limited company, Henan Luoyang, 70 institutes, Hangzhou, Hangzhou Nantong of equipment limited company, Jiangsu often connects a test equipment limited company, not only can produce performance standard taller measure result implement, the equipment of engine convention test that also can produce whole set and share are special test equipment. But as advanced as abroad level is compared, the function of equipment, precision and quality standard are inferior still, the dependability that form a complete set of whole set of equipment uses is poorer, the controls software technology standard that coordinates each hardware work still needs to rise; The special test instrument that develops by scientific research orgnaization hard commercial, cannot satisfy the need that car motor industry admits, at present the factory uses engine of the car inside each country at the test equipment of product research and development to use an entrance basically, the test equipment that discharges standard place to need also counts an import. The course is accumulated for years, industry of motor of our country car already built more complete experiment to allow a system, include property experiment, dependability experiment, discharge the special experiment standard such as the experiment, have national level and occupation standard among them, also have the level of each enterprise interior. Begin as what transfer of technology and technology communicate, major experiment standard already used international advanced standard, this also promoted engine to check the progress of technology and motor industry greatly, narrowed the difference of industry of motor of our country car and abroad. In recent years, the car that our country carries out discharges a standard not only raised strict requirement to car engine, also checked equipment to raise strict requirement to engine, new carry out discharge a standard to be in stipulated exhaust emission is restricted to be worth while also demarcate experiment method, also basically provided the facility that experiment place wants, the waste gas sampling that discharges experiment place to need at present and instrument of waste gas analysis need an import. The time that begins engine to discharge research as a result of our country is shorter, make our country is discharging test place to if waste gas sampling and respect of analytic test equipment are in backward situation,require equipment, carry out as what discharge a standard, will make a few enterprises begin the development that discharges test equipment and the research that check a method. Those who discharge a standard is ceaseless add severe, besides the technical progress of stimulative car engine, return what promoted engine to test a technology greatly to rise, make the test of engine checks to check respect development to trends from stable state. Tall dynamic testing stand is worn deserve to go up the actual travel circumstance that corresponding software already made engine can wear upper mould to draft a car in testing stand has all sorts of tests, shortened greatly the cycle of research and development of engine and charge. The item that the test of test project engine that engine links related needs to check is various, be like torque (force) , rotate speed, pressure, temperature, discharge, velocity of flow, noise, position and displacement, equipment of involved test technology, test and test method are varied also. Engine checks cent to be function experiment and special experiment, function experiment includes dynamical sex, economy, dependability and wear to wait, special experiment is the test that has for specific aim, if thermal shock experiments, discharge experiment, temperature field test, heat to balance an experiment to wait. CNC Milling