Open numerical control machine tool to do not have necessary heat engine from time to tome every morning?

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The factory uses machine tool of rigid numerical control (the machine tool such as silk of machining center, electric spark, don't go yet) undertake tall nicety is machined, whether do you have such experience: Switch on the mobile phone every morning undertake machining, first treatment precision often not quite good; First spare parts that treatment switchs on the mobile phone after long holiday often precision is very flabby calm, fail when high accuracy is machined probability is extremely high, especially positional precision. The picture machines the factory of experience without nicety, the reason that often does not stabilize this kind of precision ascribes to equipment quality problem. And the plant that has accurate treatment experience, the hot balance to environmental temperature and machine tool can take seriously very much. They are very clear, even if the treatment precision that the machine tool of tall nicety also has the ability below the temperature environment in stability and hot balance position to gain stability only. Be about to throw the case that tall accurate treatment produces after switch on the mobile phone, undertake to the machine tool warm-up is the basiccest accurate treatment common sense. One, why should undertake machine tool warm-up? The hot character of numerical control machine tool has main effect to machining precision, occupy the above of half the number that machines precision almost. Rod of movement of the main shaft of the machine tool, XYZ the component such as uses guide, guide screw is met in moving warm up because of action of load and attrition be out of shape, but what heat is out of shape ultimate effect machines precision in error catenary is main shaft and component of XYZ movement rod however the displacement of opposite workbench. The treatment precision difference that the machine tool is stopping for long to moving condition falls and heat up balance position to fall is bigger, investigate its reason, because the main shaft of numerical control machine tool and each movement rod are after moving period of time,be, its temperature is maintained relatively the level is secured in some, and the change as handling time, the hot condition precision of numerical control machine tool tends smooth, the main shaft before this made clear treatment and dispute of athletic component warm-up often are necessary. However, the “ warm-up ” of the machine tool prepares link this to be ignored by a lot of factories not witting perhaps. 2, how to undertake machine tool warm-up? When if the machine tool lays aside condition,achieving much day above, the proposal machines ongoing travel 30 minutes in tall nicety the warm-up of above; If lay aside condition only amount to hour, the proposal machines ongoing travel 5-10 in tall nicety minute warm-up. The process of warm-up lets a machine tool participate in those who process a rod to move repeatedly namely, had better undertake much axis linkage, the different position playing role that lets XYZ axis be fastened from coordinate for instance moves position of top right corner, go diagonal repeatedly. When carrying out, a grand program can be written on the machine tool, let a machine tool carry out the movement of warm-up repeatedly. Before stop for long to run condition to fall in numerical control machine tool for instance or undertaking high accuracy component is machined, the limits of machine tool space of curve of elliptical parameter of basis maths 3D and warm-up, it is independent variable with T, XYZ3 athletic rod coordinate serves as ginseng variable, according to certain increment step pitch, with designation XYZ the biggest range of athletic rod regards the border of parameter curve as the condition, make main shaft rotate speed and speed of feed of XYZ movement rod and independent variable T associated, let its be in appoint change continuously inside limits, generate numerical control machine tool to be able to know program of other numerical control, each movement rod produces machine tool of drive of in order to synchronous sky holds campaign, accompany the control commutation of main shaft rotate speed and feed speed in athletic process. After the machine tool undertakes sufficient warm-up, vital machine tool was produced with respect to OK and devoted tall accurate treatment, you will obtain the precision of stable and uniform treatment. CNC Milling