Quality Rivets for CNC Machining(fillet mechanical Alice)

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Rivets are a crucial fastening component in many manufacturing applications, especially in metal fabrication. While there are various types of rivets available, having high quality rivets is essential for strength, durability and longevity in products produced using computer numerical control (CNC) machining. This article will provide an overview of rivets, discuss the importance of rivet quality in CNC machining, and provide tips for selecting top-notch rivets for your manufacturing needs.
What are Rivets?
A rivet is a mechanical fastener that consists of two main parts - a smooth cylindrical shaft and a head. The shaft is inserted into holes in the materials being joined and the head is smashed against the material using tremendous force, forming a second head. This process cold forms the rivet, creating a permanent joint. The power and precision of CNC machines allow for efficient, automated riveting during manufacturing.
Rivets come in a range of styles, sizes and materials. Common types include blind rivets, drive rivets and specialty rivets like tubular or split rivets. They are made from metals like steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and monel. Rivet diameters can range from 1/16 inch to over 1 inch. The grip range - how much combined material thickness they can fasten - also varies.
Importance of Quality in CNC Machining
CNC machining involves programming computer numerically controlled tools to automate fabrication processes like milling, turning, drilling and riveting. Achieving precision parts requires using high quality rivets in these machines. Here are some key reasons rivet quality matters:
Strength & Durability: High quality rivets made from strong materials are essential for creating durable, long-lasting products. Weak rivets may shear off or loosen over time.
Manufacturing Throughput: Quality rivets optimized for automated CNC processes help maximize manufacturing speed and efficiency. Flaws can jam equipment.
Part Integrity: Aircraft, vehicles and other products need rivets that won’t fail in-service. Inferior rivets compromise structural integrity and safety.
Appearance: For visible rivets, consistency in heads and shanks ensure a uniform professional look. Defects ruin aesthetics.
Minimized Defects: Flaws in rivets like cracks,poor metal quality and non-uniformity create quality control issues and rejects.
Consistent Sizing: Precision rivet diameters, lengths and other dimensions are crucial for fitting into CNC machined holes correctly. Inconsistency causes assembly problems.
By preventing equipment issues, delays and rejected parts, quality rivets maximize production uptime and minimize costs.
Tips for Selecting Excellent Rivets
Follow these tips when sourcing rivets for CNC machined products:
- Choose a reputable manufacturer that specializes in rivets and CNC processes. They’ll provide consistent, optimized options.
- Select rivets made from strong, durable materials like stainless steel or grade 5 titanium that suit your specific application.
- Ensure rivets meet key industry specifications for quality - like SAE, NAS or Mil. Spec. standards.
- Purchase rivets with a tight diameter tolerance(+-.002 in) and precise grip ranges to fit part holes correctly.
- Inspect rivets for surface defects and ensure headed ends are concentric and sit flush.
- Opt for drivability enhanced rivets designed to machine smoothly without jamming automated CNC equipment.
- Discuss technical needs like material strengths, head styles and automated feed requirements with your distributor.
- Ask for samples and inspect rivet quality before purchasing large quantities where possible.
- For specialty aircraft or defense applications, source rivets from qualified manufacturers approved to supply those sectors.
Investing in high performance rivets from proven CNC-oriented manufacturers ensures your automated machining fabrication benefits from greater throughput, lower rejects, consistent quality, and durable end products. Partnering with an expert distributor simplifies the process of purchasing optimized rivets for your manufacturing needs. CNC Milling